Weapons specialist/ Skillwire JOAT


Spider Spider is an elf of slight build and the fluid grace of a gunslinger/martial artist. Has dark hair and is not particularly blessed with the good looks his geneo-type is known for. His demeanor is open and cheerful. He is without obvious cyber enhancements except his data jack. Spider tends to dark brown and black clothing and always sports his ballistic armored trench coat, cross draw speed holsters and at least two other weapons on his person. When out fitted for running he carries a pack carrying tools and equip multiple weapons and tools at easy ready access. Twin holstered auto pistols (favored weapon) Grenades, stun baton, long rifle slung for ready use, scanner and various tools in pockets on his pants and armor.


Spider is not clear about much of his past due to large swaths of his memory of his childhood and young adult life have redacted (mentally edited) He presumes from text diary notes, that memory loss was probably self administered response post-traumatic stress disorder (much in way some 20th century vets have used illegal drugs to self medicate he used the combination of cyberware and bioware edit the trauma from his memory) Spider truly feels it is not at useful dwell upon the negative, and routinely removes unpleasant memories (annotatated of course). This tends to make him a bit reckless not having deep emotional fear of serious trauma most veterans gains. He believes quality of life over quantity! He often will eat lousy tasting, but nutritious food for a week erasing the experience each time so as to afford a 4star meal enjoyed and recorded in his perfect memory recall. His only regret about his memory loss is lack of better notes early past now days he always leaves at least a text note account of any redaction. Spider has great obsession with weapons design and use. The cause of this obsession is a mystery lost to those memory gaps. He feels a great deal of pride in his skills (to the point of signing all of weapon mod work) and may tendency fill the voids in his life with additional skillsofts excel in his crafts


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