Circle of Shadows - 2072

Wires Log 16

A digital shell game

So, we get our mission to transport these goods within four days time literally across the country. We have to cross through three sovereign nations, not to mention their checkpoints, to accomplish this task.

My task(s) toward this goal are many and time-consuming, to say the least. I have to plan our routes, alternate routes, alternate routes for the alternate routes, study up on the sovereign nations and their checkpoints and procedures, forge us the appropriate documentation, map out the “danger zones” along the way, prep backup documentation and identities, and get my Courier sprite (Skippy, as I have named him) ready to initiate the digital shell game if things get too hot.

And all that is BEFORE we start the mission.

On the actual mission, I will need to be monitoring the vehicles for tracking and hacking, spoof the checkpoint sensors…

There is just so much. Not to mention what may be waiting for me out there in the Matrix.

Let the game begin…



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