Circle of Shadows - 2072

Wires Log 14

Hacked and attacked from all sides!

All right.

So what if Maria practices sex magic? That does NOT mean that she used it to get me to do something against my will when she slept with me. Nor does it mean she used our time together to fuel something greater, magically, later on. Nor does it mean she did something to my mind…


I have Kenji and Lei Sheng look me over.

Apparently, I am clean as far as any influence from Maria. Some upsetting leftovers from the Flipside syringe though…Kenji assures me he will begin working on something to counteract that. I am glad he is looking after me.

Our TacNet arrives, finally, and we are about to retrieve it when…our comms get hacked? AGAIN?!

No. I am FINISHED with whoever this is. I do everything in my power to trace the culprits back to their origin but I am too late. The satt they were routing through shuts down and re-scrambles the node before I can get beyond it. FRELL!!

Wait, what? And we have been bugged?! All right, I trace THAT signal back to find that…they did it directly from another satt that clocks thousands upon thousands of traffic every second making it impossible to tell who it was…FRELL! FRELLING FRELL DRENHEADS!!

That is IT! I give EVERYONE’S (including my own) comms a once over and reinforce their security tenfold. I am THROUGH having these AMATEURS getting at us! THROUGH!

After we check ourselves and our things and bolster our team’s personal security, we all leave in the Roadmaster to retrieve the TacNet. Along the way, we review the video of our drake friend’s interrogation. Apparently, his daddy showed up and slaughtered everyone. Great. At least we get the TacNet and IT is clean.

Then I get a message from Maria: “Wires. I’m sorry. Bail.”

I try responding with no success. Durgan checks the warehouse with a spyfly and finds some…people there. I go in via the ‘Trix and find…Lone Star, spearheaded by none other than Juicey Lucy.

Time to flex my digital muscles and show the team that I am NOT a liability. At Kenji’s request, I have every major news corp (and even several minor ones) plastered with stories of Lone Star harassing the exonerated Kenji Omeda and his friends.

Hah…I should be a freelance reporter.

Okay, enough distractions. The team gets everything straightened out with our equipment and we get out of Hong Kong on another suborbital, destined for Seattle, and then we shall go to LA.

Finally, we get some time to relax this horribly stressful, yet exciting, life of ours.



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