Circle of Shadows - 2072

Wires Log 11

That arrogant FRELLER!

We arrive back at the hotel after a small incident en route. Apparently, those spirits are getting ornery, but our team is too much of a match for us.

Seriously, is Hong Kong just the Astral asshole of the world or something?

Anyway, we arrive at the hotel to discover that Maria was not actually the one to send us those S.O.S. messages earlier, but rather some frelling punk hacker that thinks he can blow past my security.

Well, to be fair, it was not MY security, but it was under my watch. That alone is an insult.

On top of that, he made it blatantly clear he was running through the systems, not even covering up his tracks! It is like he is taunting me. There is no Resonance sig on any of his work, so I am assuming he is a normal decker just like any other idiot with a decent comm and some hacking software.

The “hacker” also sent in some spy flies that were communicating (bypassing wireless signals and using lasers) with a drone outside of the window (which he was apparently jumped into). I hack his flies, wait for the communication so I can nail his ass back to his mother’s node, but the drenhead got cold feet and booked it when we threw up a signal jammer.

What a frelling pussy! Did I run when I got jammed back at Kaz’s? Frell no! I stuck it out like a REAL hacker and found a way around it!

Fortunately, I tagged his drone before it got away. Top priority on my personal to-do list? Send this joker a nice little “present”.

Anyway, after we clear the security problems out of the hotel (the others were doing things, I believe, but I was too focused on my end of the work to pay attention…or care), Maria gives us our next operation. This time, it is an extraction out of some drenhole shantytown full of gangs and crackheads.


Shortly into the discussion and planning of the operation, Spider suggests that we send a smaller insertion team into the shantytown for this operation. I immediately volunteered to stay behind. I mean, seriously, I can support them from the HOTEL room and still be effective at what I do! The last thing the team needs is their head Matrix specialist getting a bottle on the backside of his head.

Everyone begins their planning. We work out a decent plan of attack. I, personally, summon a couple of sprites to aid in this endeavor.

I could have sworn she said something about downtime. We have only been here two days and we have already sunk a boat and are now going to assault THIS drenhole.

Whatever. Let us just get this over with.



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