Circle of Shadows - 2072

The nightmares of Lei sheng

Lei sheng swam through the murky waters of Hong Kong harbor. He rose up out of the water as quiet as death and moved to the shadows. His targets, three vile creatures responsible for many disappearances on the docks of Hong Kong, had their backs to him. Off to the other side, Kenji’s spirit invoked its formidable concealment power to hide itself and the explosives rigged by Spider…time, and life, was literally ticking away.

Huddled in the middle of the creatures, a small, helpless child, a girl of ten summers, wailed in terror. Lei sheng shuddered at what these foul creatures could possibly want with her…the possibilities were both numerous and unpleasant. He clenched his fists in preparation and gathered hismagical might to him.

Abruptly, the girl stood and strode through the spirits to stand before a dumbfounded Lei sheng. Her features were both grief-stricken and clouded with rage.

She levelled a finger at Lei sheng. “You,” she spat, “could have saved me.” Her tiny fists trembled with frustration. “Coward!” she screamed. “How could you leave me down here?! How?! You…you…deserved to go to prison! I…I hope you die in Kowloon.”

Lei sheng collapsed to his knees. It all made such brutal sense…if our spirits could conceal, it stood to reason that they had access to the power also. He felt small, gentle fingers touch his chin and inexorably raise his downcast head. She cooly gazed into his eyes, his soul. “Hmmm, some warrior you are. And if you only knew, Lei sheng, what else was down here for you to discover…an opportunity lost to you FOREVER.”

He woke to the feel of her slap knocking him to the ground. A knock on the door. “It’s go time, lardass, and Kowloon’s a’waiting. Get up.” Blondie, charming as ever.



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