Circle of Shadows - 2072

Spider log 14

Nightmare flight

Kengi is dead but that doesn’t stop his corpse from climbing back into the plane, I try to knock him back out of the plane with the drink cart… no luck. sub-orbital is in a flat spin. Jelly fish monsters, a depressurizing plane that is crashing. I’m usually one to take action but not a single thing occurs to me. I’m only armed with a steak knife, trapped in my seat by turbulence and air mask. So I sit there like a lump feeling helpless (this must be the way ordinary wage slaves feel when they get caught in a firefight) Blondie get out of her seat and ends up stuck to the ceiling Durgan tells the Kalandra to pull a lever to seal the pressure leak. Kengi’s body slumps over ( I later learned Lei Sheng had a busy time blasting shedem in the astral) Wires got durgan jacked into the Plane to help land the plane. Only wires would decide to snoop in the pilots E-mail while CRASHING!! But it’s a good thing he did or we would have had no idea we were made and lonestar knew we were on the plane. The wing comes off over the ocean and we somehow miss the water and hit the only piece of ground in the area. We survive all of the except Kenji (and maybe Bones although we didn’t find a body) I do the triage thing, the team scavenges our gear and some other goodies. Wire is full of good news Doc wagon and lonestar are coming to the island and oh yeah the the island is full of Ghouls!!! We decide to dodge the “rescue” helecopters and instead Flee through the ghoul infested jungle with a team of Cathlic GI Joes. They take us to their compound, the priest in charge knows way too much about us. He has a message from that german guy that atempted to make contact earlier. The priest says Gruber wants us for a job and assigns “Minds Eye” to assist getting us to the meet. Turns out Mr Gruber is part of the group/cabal that hired us to take down flipside. (Small world isn’t it) I’m all for the job since it requires us to be transported to Seatle where we left a lot of our stuff, lonesars presence is small. Bones is still missing and Kengi’s dead I’ve considered redacting but have decided to bear the pain of losing my team members it’s the only honor I can give my fallen comrads. “Minds Eye” offers to join for the assighnment and we are realy low on magic talent… I think the team will accept him at least for next op.


Hey man…planes go down and nodes go up. It’s my job to find out the vitals! Even during dangerous crises!

Spider log 14

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