Circle of Shadows - 2072

Spider log 13

Finally a little rest…

I wake up from a decent nights sleep after crawling over every square inch of warehouse for bugs and like (clean as advertised, even digital clocks blinking 12 are right twice a day) I get up in the morning to find some of the team went on an extra curricular ghost busting hunt… I would have gone if invited. {potentially Traumatic data redacted from organic memories Ref. data file# D3546} (Text data: They found a dead girl in the cave starved to death) They came back with 200,000 nuyen a non-functional replica of a gun made from magical metals and some data chips containing a demon summoning spell as we paw through this stuff it occur to me I haven’t check our bodies for bugs and room is only a secure as its contents. Sure enough I find a tracking beacon (high grade milspec) on Wires sewn into the lining of his jacket. {Hrs of tedious work redacted} I checked ALL of our gear, the suits from hotel have same beacons sewn into the lining (Found only because I knew what I was looking for! This isn’t from your local stuffer shack and not planted during a few seconds in-attention) While I’m checking the gear wires discovers he’s been hacked, and so have we through Wire’s access all our comms die for five minutes and we all start to panic then… NOTHING HAPPENS! A timed comm. blackout with no follow up I don’t get it… Wires cleans out the agents and other crap, he claims they are clean now but who knows if it’s true… Durgan has retrieved the bug from the Were-Dragon’s interrogation it didn’t go well for the gang bangers They were looking for the nine stones… before Papa dragon turned them all into paste. ( I hope I’m not next on the list China may not be to healthy for me ever again) The whole thing was kind of of:
  1. These gang members were clearly not first string members there esteemed order
  2. We were told they requested the mage cuffs but they clearly didn’t know what they were questioning
  3. One of them received a call that truly wish I could hear the other side of… It sounded like they thought they were going to LA (maybe after eliminating us???)
  4. One of them said they were being played and clearly they were
  5. Who was pulling the strings? What is the motive of pissing off one extremely powerful and scary dragon ?

I may see a pattern of self-destructive over confidence leading to destruction and chaos (Much like Kaz’s demise bringing down his whole gang in Seattle) Could that be a motive? A demon is just reveling in the chaos and destruction created by flipside cartel?

When Blondie receives notice that our long awaited tac-net has arrived, I’m jumpy enough that I suggest “screw the buddy system let move as a squad taking all of our gear with us so it can’t be tampered with.” And everyone else is tired enough of these surprises that they agree. And we get The biggest surprise Yet, a joint Lonestar/doc wagon hit team!!! We moved before they arrived JUST STUPID DUMB LUCK! (We may be able to use it somehow, It has to appear we were warned… maybe we can case a witch hunt or a corporate purge) Finally after holing up for the night we are riding first class back home, other than the fact I’m only armed with a steak knife, I can relax. I finally can get a little rest… O Frak Kenji!!!!



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