Circle of Shadows - 2072

Spider Log 10

So next she wants us to dumpster dive…

We head back to our employer, who appears to inordinately upset about her comm being compromised. We shed our supernatural shadow. (Apparently something possessed a bus driver and appeared to be paying way to much attention to us) Within seconds of the possession the bus had 2 flat tires, the driver/entity was stun bolted, the busses grid system crashed and we shot into traffic leaving it behind. We get back after receiving nearly 20 text messages to hurry up. What do find when we get there? Some sort of surreal scene, a spread of food high end prostitutes and generally relaxed security agents, not what I’m expecting based on the text messages we’ve received. Lei decides to perform body cavity searches on the prostitutes and Durgan poison tests the food the old fashioned way. Everyone else stays on task Wires doing the lions share of the security check. I talk to the other security detail, they found a listening device and crushed it but otherwise are not that worked up. We find out there are a bunch of cutting edge military or gov. spec bugs and Drone outside using laser communications. We gather all of them Durgan is already attached to them like they are his children! Wires tagged it so maybe it will lead back to something. Boss ladies comm. was hacked and the hacker sent all the e-mails. We get are next mission less than six hrs from now they want jump from helicopter into a cube shaped shanty maze full of crack-head gangers and steal an upper level member of the gang. Who was the food and hookers for? All I have time for is sleep before I have to go dumpster diving for old gang leaders… didn’t someone say we would have some down time?



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