Circle of Shadows - 2072

Of Shedim

Lei sheng settled deeply into his meditation on the paths both before him and behind him. On too many occassions, malevolent spirits have attacked him and his comrades. While the original incident that sparked these confrontations may have been an unhappy accident, now death was the result. Lei sheng contemplated his tactics…while survival of any engagement was…acceptable, the long view looked dim.

No longer would the Shedim face Lei sheng’s subtle magic. On their next confrontation, it would be the Master suffering and ultimate paying for its unholy transgressions with its life. Whether by his hands or the fists of Bones, it would die.

Lei sheng also contemplated the change in mission for the team. Their operations “against” the Olaya Cartel had only strengthened them. While this was intended, the goal was eventual dismantling of the Cartel’s efforts to distribute tempo. To call the current situation undesirable was an understatement. The loss of Kenji was personally devastating to Lei sheng, and that his slayer still walked free was an affront to the Will of Heaven.

His mediations turned to his first lesson in kung-fu at the shaolin temple his Triad sent him to for instruction. “Earth, Water, Air, Fire. Of these, you must be like Water. Water quenches fire, weathers the hardest stone, is disturbed by air only on the surface. In combat, strike like a waterfall. When struck, absorb like water. The mightiest sword is useless against the ocean. When blocked, flow past. Be still when necessary, be turbulent when needed.”

Lei sheng burned to unleash Fire against the Shedim…a reckless charge into glorious combat. He wished to bury the Shedim…to crush them with fist, foot, and magic. He ached to howl his frustrations and rage.

But he would wait like calm water…



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