Circle of Shadows - 2072

Mind's Eye Intro

When the Society lent me out to the Catalina Island Project, I didn’t complain. If that’s where they want me to serve, so be it. Granted, I think it is a waste of my time and talent, but that’s the Pride talking. I vowed to be a servant and so I shall be.

But, of course, the Society is one step ahead of me. One of the last data drops I recieved concerned a team of unconnected operatives that were high on the lookout list. And gues who crashes on Ghoul Island? God works in mysterious ways. Well the Father in charge of the facility assigns me to this team and I go. It’s what I do. Even though they appear to be hip deep in some scary drek.

They have offered me even shake in a ‘trial run’ to see how I perform. For God and the Society, I’ll do my utmost.



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