Circle of Shadows - 2072

Kalandra’s Thoughts 10

We get to the ship and have to climb up to the deck with the water rough. I make it almost up the when I hear Blondie say “f*ck that” and then see a video on my eyes with spider using the torpedo to fly over ship and jump onto the deck, how the hell did he do that! So just as I was going to go onto the deck the water picks me up and puts me and Blondie down on the deck by Spider and Kenji, thanks Kenji’s water spirit. So Bones beats up on one of a shedim and kills it; they leave, I guess they don’t like it when one of them dies. So Bones, Blondie, and Spider search every area of the ship and throws the dead body overboard. Wires get patched up by Kenji and Durgan is with the captain driving. We reach Hong Kong and as we are walking up the pier we see a crowd. There is a guy that is saying his daughter was taken and needs help. Lei Shang, Spider, Bones and Kenji walk over to him, I walk part of the way in case they need help. This doesn’t seem right. They start to walk over to the pier the rest of us decided to go with, Durgan brings my guns and we walk to join the others. Kenji sees the astral signature of a creature and sends a water spirit to find it. It finds and reports that it’s in a cave and the look like eels, with dead bodies around them, no one alive. So we decide that we can just go down there so we plan to use a spirit to drop C4 there. We hear a noise from the ship we just left and Durgan sends a spyfly to see what it was, the captain dead, but not by his hand. Lei Sheng wants to read his astral signature. So we head over there and Lei Sheng finds out that he was dead for over 7 hrs, he was possessed. During this Maria tell us she needs us back ASAP. Spider lets her know about the mission being complete and the Shedim, she tells us to cover our trail and get back. We leave and blow the cave.



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