Circle of Shadows - 2072

GM's Chapter Prelude


“Be advised subjects of interest survived hostile entity attack en route to Los Angeles. Diverted to Agent for initial contact. Subjects have accepted escort and transport mission. The clock is running. Please inform the principle with all due respect that the operation is underway per design. We will analyze all relevant data and continue evaluation of subjects. It is highly likely that further enemy engagement will occur. Astral screening reveals no visible tagging, however enemies seem to be tracking – exposure to an Astral negation event may rectify this situation – will report this upward.”…

500 miles south west of Seattle – Tacoma International Shipyards

…"SEATAC Command this is TZR-Montakura Freighter be advised we are entering your satcom and grid routing control in approximately 12 hours. Our itinerary shows us with an arrival time of 13 days to your facility. Please see – classified Itinerary Preparation for hazardous cargo delivery. Code Access – 09768.

Lonestar Regional Headquarters, Seattle-Tacoma

…"SRT reports negative contact at wreckage site. Forces on the ground have indicated this is a class IV California Federal Facility, and is crawling with a voracious ghoul presence. Rescued parties do indicate that terrorists survived the initial crash and headed off into the local jungle on their own…

Command Priority: Return to base set indigenous ground operatives within 100 miles at all ports, airports, and public transit hubs. Report but do not engage if contact with prime targets has been established.

Maintain Priority Two Coverage, from the Director…"


Lei sheng volunteers for any and all off-world colonization efforts…

GM's Chapter Prelude

Why is everyone interested in us?! We were just doing our jobs! Geez…Wires volunteers to return to his happy life of slightly illegal data retrieval and backdoor selling.

GM's Chapter Prelude

I don’t know right now who we should worry about more. Lonestar and DocWagon we know why they are after us but the others I don’t know.

GM's Chapter Prelude

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