Circle of Shadows - 2072

Exclusive Freelance News Report: Lone Star Continues to Harass Innocent Man!

Lone Star, the once great security corporation from Texas, was seen mere moments ago by an anonymous freelance reporter in Hong Kong, China. Lone Star seemed up to no good as they were found hip-deep in Hong Kong’s warehouse district.

What is Lone Star doing at a Hong Kong warehouse, you may be asking?

Well, continuing with the story of Lone Star’s critical loss of their Seattle contract only a week ago, apparently the security corporation was looking for the individual they view as the one “guilty” for the loss of such a lucrative business arrangement.

Kenji Omeda, self-made man and successful doctor hailing from the Seattle area, was exonerated by the Seattle mayor a week ago of any and all crimes Lone Star was accusing him and his associates of. Additionally, as a show of intolerance against such blatant misuse of their power, the mayor proceeded to terminate Lone Star’s contract in the Seattle area.

Mr. Omeda went on record saying that he was going abroad, his lawsuit against Lone Star pending. Apparently, Lone Star, in typical brute force fashion, didn’t take kindly to Mr. Omeda’s actions and decided to track him down personally to “handle to problem”.

Seen here, Lone Star is attacking a warehouse they suspected Mr. Omeda to be congregating in during his time abroad.

The only other information we received from the anonymous freelance reporter, one “Willy Windham”, was this editorial:

“I, for one, find this show of unnecessary force to be appalling. The very fact that Lone Star, being the pack of bullies that they really are, tracked down this individual and his associates to whatever private location they decided to extricate themselves to shows that Lone Star is unable to accept their own mistakes and, instead, chooses to try and scapegoat innocent men. As it seems to me, Mr. Omeda understood what kind of backlash he was going to face when dealing with such a monstrously petty organization like Lone Star, considering his decision to go abroad in the first place. In my opinion, Lone Star has become inept, incompetent, ineffective, and has shown gross misappropriation of their resources in the recent years.”


Maybe Willy Windham will also draw the connection between the fleeing Kenji and the shedam attack on the suborbital Clearly lonestar magicians attacking with black arts (what else could be going on, it can’t be a coincidence right)


I’m not sure which one of you it was, but someone suggested I get a new fake SIN as Willy Windham, freelance reporter, and earn some money off of these Lone Star stories. Hehe..


Maybe LS will be able to keep their contracts in Texas after this…

“You gotta fight…you gotta fight, for your right, to paaaar-tayyy”


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