Circle of Shadows - 2072

Durgan's Log 9

Durgan's Logs

Ok so the demo team plants the bomb and over the comm they keep making these weird comments about jellyfish monsters and dead people swimming around, but they head back to the ship and once they’re far enough away, Wires blows the bomb. With the ship sinking, I hear over the comm something about jellyfish monsters on the ship. Since Cenaris has really just been along for moral support so far, I jump out and it’s really really quiet then all the sudden there’s screaming all over the place outside the galley. Wires says the Captain had to move the ship because of the storm, so he and I decide to head up there to see if we can help him out while the others are approaching the ship and Kenji is levitating so the horrible seastate doesn’t knock him over. The team gets back; I can tell because Blondie says “F*ck that” over the comm and I get a video from Wires that shows Spider pulling off a very amazing manuver that I never would have dreamed of to get onto the ship (good to know they’re back on relatively safely). I start on the ladder and hit my head a bit but keep my grip. Wires isn’t so lucky, he starts up behind me but the ship rocks hard to one side and he goes flying off the ladder and through the table, screaming like a little girl the whole way. Kenji’s still down there, he can check on him; I’m still going for the Captain. I open the hatch and find a gun at my face. “Are you alive?” the Captain demands. “As far as I know, assuming you don’t kill me” I reply. The Captain seems ok enough with that answer that he goes back to the wheel. He seems tense and is shaking so I offer to takeover for him and he begrudgingly accepts, but keeps the gun pointed at me. I check in with the team and make sure everyone is on board, then ask the Captain for a heading to get the heck back to shore. Bones says something about destroying a horrible jellyfish monster and that they went bye-bye. The team starts searching the ship and finds no survivors, which I relay to the Captain, who tells me he wants to be alone and to go below, so I do. We get back to port and the Captain is upset and blames us for the death of his crew and says he’ll take the issue up with our mutual employer (oh well). We start loading up the Roadmaster, but run into a snag; there’s a large crowd of people in the way. A couple of the team walk over to find out whats going on while I load Cenaris into the car and grab my usual long coat and wait to find out whats going on. Lei Sheng says a man is yelling about his daughter being kidnapped and begging for help and that they want to help him, so we go to where he says she was taken while Bones goes back to the car to put on real armor. I lock the Roadmaster and tell it come come closer to where we are, with Bones inside :). The Awakened folk in the group discover a trail to a lair underwater while Wires finds news articles that show a string of disappearences from this area in the past few weeks. Spider throws together a bomb aand Kenji sends a spirit down to plant it in the underwater lair after the spirit tells him there are no living beings down there, only eel like spirits. The man is upset and yells at us to do something and even Lei Sheng realizes there’s nothing we can do. Wires lets us know he got an email from Maria, she got hacked and we need to get back ASAP. So we plant the bomb and off we go. A bomb going off will get the authorities here pretty quick so they can do their freaking job and deal with kidnappings and stupid spirits.



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