Circle of Shadows - 2072

Durgan's Log 8

Durgan's Logs

So we get to Hong Kong, get into our suite and find most the things we asked Maria for while on the flight. With barely a chance to unpack, she calls us in to her suite, where there’s a very large aquatic type bomb and a bunch of scuba gear, and tells us we’re going swimming. We’re going to sink a ship full of the competition, makes sense. She also tells us that if any of us need to learn how to scuba or swim we can go down to the pool to learn, then ssends us on our way to prep. I get the bright idea to do an aquatic mod on one of the Samurais that I brought (it was Cenaris, I still need to name the other new babies we’ve acquired), so we ask Maria to make some calls and Spider and I do the mod real quick, then while he is working on making bombs, I go down to the pool where some of the others are practicing and Lei Sheng is a dolphin. He’d asked me to make a harness thing for him so he could keep his focus, so I whip a little something together and fit him for it in the pool so it’ll be good enough. Time to go… We pile into the Roadmaster that Maria provided, such an angel that one making sure we have nice things, and drive to the docks and fond the most rickety-looking boat I could ever imagine travelling on the open sea. The Captain meets us and eyes us kinda funny, could be my water wingies, then tells us about the upcoming 6 hour boat ride. Yay… So out we go on the boat, we hang out in the galley for most of it. Hmm, this ride seems to be more bouncy than before, must be getting gross outside. The Captain comes down to let us know we’re almost to our destination but that the weather outside is terrible; glad I’m not going out there in those freaking old torpedoes. We go out, the demo team drops the torpedoes in and Cenaris, then jump in and load up and tie themselves together with a nice long rope so no one gets lost, good thinking, then away they go. Meanwhile Kenji, Wires, and I head back inside to do our respective things. I jump in to Cenaris, and as I’m going full VR I see Wires passing out next to me for the same reason. It’s so dark out on the water, I realize something I feel stupid for not thinking of sooner, aquatic drones need sonar… So we putter along at the speed of the torpedoes and plant the bomb. I keep hearing all these slighty odd comments over the comm but they seem silly so Wires and I play Hacker Pong, best game ever.



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