Circle of Shadows - 2072

Bones Entry 8

Killing Hands>Immnuity to Conventional Weapons

So we get to our boat tanks to the spirit and me klimbs on boards. Me see a guy who not look scareds or freakings out, actuallys he looks deads! Me fix problem by punching him in back of head. Den me saws he had a jellyfish monster in him! Me fix dat problem too. My punch knock da jellyfish monster out of him. But the jellyfish monster was still floatings. Me fix lotsa problems tonight. So me hit jellyfish monster again and he go away. Den me saw Spider jumps off his torpedo and land on da boat. Me recorded it for youtubes. So the jellyfish monsters go aways and we gos back to china. And some guy wanted us to go down in dis hole and save his girlie. Me would have gones down and saveds her but then they sent explosives down and went booms.



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