Present Timeline

  • April 2072

Seoulpa Ring Collapse, Kaz Yakamura Assassinated.

Dae Omusukae escapes.

Alliance with Shotogumi Yakuza in Seattle Forged.

Departure for Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong to discover secret of Flipside.

  • May 2072

8th – 9th

Ship sunk off the coast of Hong Kong carrying large shipment of Red Orchid.

Shedim attack against team from sinking ship.

Discovery of some dark murders occuring alongside Hong Kong Harbor. Explosive device detonated in cave near possible lair of toxic spirits. Not confirmed, no further research done.

Father of missing child invokes Chinese Curse of the Four Fathers…’4’ and disappears into thin air.

Captain Teng found dead in ship…team suspects Shedim inhabitation – possibly of the Master Shedim.

Maria Sacristan reports her commlink was hacked – wants team returned to base immediately.

Present Timeline

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