Mercenary Charter

Membership: Current group (Durgan Madhammer, Ms Softy, Lei Sheng, Bones, Wires, Spider, Blondie and Kenji Omeda) Additional members only added by unanimous support and a buy-in of creds equal to a percentage of units holdings (one additional member 1/9 of current unit assets to buy in).

Complete Dissolution of Charter: All assets liquidated and divided equally among surviving members of unit / assets first right of purchase by unit members highest bid above fence value.

Ratification and Modification: Ratification and/or any modification of the charter will require a unanimous decision of all charter members.

Partial Dissolution of Charter: Individuals leaving between operations will be bought out at equal share of units common assets based of fence value of holding and current credit balance. Individuals leaving mid op should forfeit everything.

Dues: 10 percent of all members base pay from unit operations go into general unit fund, all spoils of war, creds, pay data, equip, vehicles, drones, etc become unit property. Spoils of War shall be liquidated and divided equally or held as group assets at discretion of unit’s members by simple majority vote. Living expenses will be paid out of group funds. Which may require a dues adjustment as needed by groups current need. Any items liquidated should be divided equally, subject to payment of dues at the listed rate upon payout.

Rights of Members:

Right of Exit: (spelled out under dissolution of charter)

Right of Refusal: Each member has the right opt out of a mission for any reason before acceptance of said mission. Penalties for opting out after a mission has been accepted may be assessed by the group.

Right of Veto: Individual members ability to block taking of jobs by the unit as a whole by a simple majority vote. This is intended to protect individuals reputations and/or safety.

Right of Purchase: Group assets may be purchased by individuals at discretion of the group by a simple majority. Value will be set by unit, highest bid above purchases item if more than one member wants the item.

Mercenary Charter

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