Circle of Shadows - 2072

Lei Sheng Loves America!
Lei Sheng

Log for 5/10 Lei sheng sat down at his table with trip one from the Taco Bell buffet and was glad to be able to eat as much as he liked for a change. He contemplated the interesting (he hesitated to say fortunate) change in his life just hours ago. Quan Cho apparently had marketed him successfully to Furen Onusuka. Lei sheng contemplated why karma had placed him at the service of another organized crime syndicate. He was free of the Triads, owed them nothing, and realized his service to Yakamura would be on different terms. He was not a soldier to be used, but not naive enough to believe people would try to use him. Infiltrating what was assuredly a hard target set Lei sheng on edge. He knew nothing about these new associates, but their competency was not his to question if they commanded enough respect to earn the fees they apparently did.

Wires Log 1
So many sprites, so little time...

Kaz said he wanted the data, and I know exactly what that means.

It is going to be a long next several days…

Simple job. Get a corpse. Get the data on the corpse. Do it in 72 hours. Both, however, are in possession of DocWagon. Not so simple anymore.

As we left the meeting, I began mapping out all the things I would require and need to accomplish. It was a long list. And I am certain the list would get longer with requests and tasks given to me by my teammates. Such is the burden of doing what I do.

I would not be able to accomplish all of this on my own. I would need an army.

Fortunately, I have the ability to summon one.

When we returned, I immediately found myself a comfortable place and vegetated out of the meat world and jacked back into my home. The Data sprite I had compiled earlier was waiting for me as my icon materialized into the streams of data.

The sprite had manifested as a wizardly-looking old man with a hefty tome and a knowing gaze in its eye. Surprisingly, it had put up no resistance in being compiled, but perhaps I had just gotten lucky. Now, it gazed at me with a look of impatience as it awaited its next task.

[I require you longer than I had originally intended. I apologize for this further delay.]

At that, I began the registering process. My icon assumed the meditative state that I’ve become familiar with in my years as a ‘mancer. Window materialized around it, scrolling data and code at a highly rapid pace. I mentally prepared myself for the six hours this was going to take.

The sprite glared at me, the look of impatience and wisdom giving way to one of reluctance and resistance. Within myself, I could feel the struggle as it worked to undermine my efforts in registering it. The resistance was…almost unbearable.

Finally, after a fierce battle of wills between myself and the sprite, I finished registering it. Despite its refusal, I was even able to acquire more tasks of it.

[Now, onto other thin-]

My icon’s hand began to dissipate in the currents of data.

[Oh frell! The fading!]

And then there was black.

I don’t know how long I was out. Next thing I realize, I’m back in the meat world with Ken and the others standing around me. They explain that I passed out, and they revived me. The damned sprite cost me valuable time!

The others discuss mission-related tasks with me. I pick out the important details. I don’t understand why they choose to communicate in such primitive and time-consuming ways. Unfortunately, I have nothing better to do than listen, being forced to recuperate from the registering ordeal.

A few hours later I jack back in. Over the next several hours, I acquire the services of two Crack sprites, a Fault sprite, and a Sleuth sprite with only minor resistance from each. I’m feeling fairly fatigued but I have to keep going.

I still have a lot of work ahead of me.

Initial Legwork Report

DocWagon Central Approximately 40 Staff on site at all times. 3 to 5 HRT teams on-call or working Seattle-Tacoma Metroplex from this location. 2 Helo’s in service from rooftop helopad. 1.5 Meter thick ferrocrete walls surrounding complex. 360 Degree view cameras throughout the wall and parking/docking bay. Sentry Guns and Drone Support evident

Rumors: DocWagon maintains a Tier 1 and Tier 2 Matrix node. Tier 1 handles the light weight stuff. Scheduling, purchasing, and stuff like that.

Tier 2 is the security system, medical records, special projects…that sorta stuff and get this…they use Farraday cages and special landscaping, tier 2 can only be accessed from within the facility.

Chummers DocWagon is the real deal. Wear a vest.

Spiders log
How we got out of frying pan

Mnemonic Log Dropped off that custom piece for mayor at Kenji’s house I didn’t know he was Yakuza lite… Independently wealthy seems a good gig if you get probably worth dealing with tattooed goons. Long story short Kengi hired me as backup for his ride on the rougher side of life. We went to strip joint and met with this hottie Dae Onusuka all Johnson’s should look and dress like her for meetings{image stored maximum memory resolution attention coprocessor running maximum)Details of contract stored with negation skill wire apps

Took contract. Rents covered, basic gum shoe work We will work with data provided….<link>

{redaction- 10min intervals 2hr 17 min boring surveillance work watch spot near open sewer}

Target acquired set sweet sniper shot Placed tracker bullets on both subjects motorcycles Got additional back up to run trace and running 24 hr surveillance….….&lt;link>


Kenji got a call bailed some low level Yaks from extermination at bar. Was exciting for a few min took out 2 targets (chainsaw hand dead troll chick stunned for a long time) with no major injuries to our team … *{redaction- 5 seconds} Shot a kid, appears to be a clean shoot adept level kid throwing stun bolts are viable targets in my book but I don’t want to dwell on it saved 2 out of thee Yakuza goons Conned are way out from 2nd wave of bangers…

Targets kozy with Lone star….<stored>

Warehouse surviliance….<link>

Bones's Entry 1

Bones had been kinda bored with the last couple runs, too much driving and not enough fighting. According to Kenji(or is his name kanji? Bones can never remember..) the next mission would be differents though. Bones was worrieds that he might lose his docwagon contract but it might be worth a good fight.

Some of the other people in the group were making plans in the mechanic place, Bones saw Spider and the dwarf guy(who is far to new for Bones to know his name, nice doggie though) were painting a perfectly good APC like a docwagon, and Wires was… sleeping he thought? o well he looks like he could use it. Bones decided that he would try and do his best in whatever plans Wires, Spider, or Kenji might have. So Bones sat to the side, loaded his guns and extra clips with sticky shock and waited to move out.

Kalandra's Thought Entry 1

Kalandra watches everyone and records all she see and hears. She was taught to always watch your back cuz no one will do it for you. I meet Lei Sheng and Durgan at the meeting place first with Dae. A group of people come in later to know them as Wires, Bones, Blondie, Spider, and Kenji. They already have heat on them from the last mission. They are not happy for the extra help. Blondie doesn’t care to talk to any of us three. However she was able to negotiate a better deal for all of us, so if this is what she does I’m fine with that. The other I do question what they do. They ask the three of us about ourselves HA! Do they really thing they are going to get that much about me. I tell them what I tell everyone, I fight and can kill; I also know how to take a hit. Well they agree to do the job and let the three of us work with them, the nerve thinking that I would care if they agree to let me work with them, I do the job I’m told to do but the one who pays me. We have to meet with Dae later to get the rest of the money that we are getting. We head back to Durgans place, which is a workshop; I guess he needs one being a rigger. Some of us get magic done to our clothes to look high end for the meet. We also rent a limo to go, sweet never been in one it’s was nice but not needed. We get to the meet and we are brought to a back private room it seems. You have to be crazy for me to walk in I’m stay right here be the door, even since we had to check our weapons I’m not stupid I’m going to be prepared for anything. The person that comes isn’t Dae but introduces himself as Dae’s boss Kaz, and gives us more details into what we are doing. So he made a drug that some rich high-profile person OD’d on and he wants us to clean up for him so the drug doesn’t get out. I don’t know what people find so interesting about drugs stupid! Well it’s a job that needs to get done and I’m getting pain nicely for it. So we head back to Durgan’s shop, which seem to be more out of necessity than comfort which I like, comfort makes you weak. At the Shop- I watch and listen while thinking of ways to make this mission come out successfully. Wires- sleeping as it seems however he comes back with info, guess he has to sleep to get it. He did come back looking horribly beat down so it must not be easy. Spider and Durgan- are remodeling the vehicle to look like a DOC wagon, I hope they are good at it cuz it needs to be right or we’ll never get in. Bones, Lei Sheng, Blondie, and Kenji are planning ways to do the mission. Blondie is also getting supplies that we need. Doc Wagon seem to be highly secured, we need an airtight plan before going in. I may like a fight but rather get the job done with no or few problems. I guess I’ll find out what this bunch is worth when we are done, if all make it.

Blondie Chapter 1-1
WTF have I gotten myself into...

All this crap started with a simple surveillance. My old pal Kenji calls me up and says he needs a little back-up on a surveillance run. Not only is Kenji an old friend but he’s rich as Croesus to boot, so I said sure. Kenji had apparently been running with this guy Spider who’s some kind of weapons guru. He also had me pick up a satcom unit on the way in. The surveillance point was way the hell out in the Barrens so I can see why he wanted some back-up.
I get to the spot and it turns out we’re watching a biker gang hideout. Appatently a couple members were involved in that new drug that’s been going around, flipside. The satcom unit is for the Techie, Wires. Seems competant enough, I guess. I don’t mess with that ‘net BS… there’s some scary shit in there. There’s also an Orc there, calls himself Bones (because he likes the way they crunch).
Anyway, we do some shadowing on the targets and it appears one of them is in bed (perhaps literally) with Lone Star. Figures. So, we’re shadowing this dirtbag when Kenji gets a call that there’s an emergency he’s honor bound to attend to. I swear his honor is going to get my ass killed one of these days. Turns out, his call is at the same place where our subject stopped (we bugged his bike, that Spider is a useful bastard).
Wouldn’t you know, it’s another biker bar, this time for a different gang. Kenji says there’s 3 yakuza members in there that need extraction. As we approach, we see our subject, covered in blood, speeding away like all the demons in hell are chasing him. Fuck. Not a good sign.
The front of the bar is empty so Spider and I roll in towards the back from opposite sides. Apparently all the Orc is good for is robbing the cash register. 2 of the Japs are ok (except for their soiled suits), so we moved into the back room.
When I get in, the first target I aquire is a little kid! Naturally, I held fire and turned to the big one with the chainsaw. Next thing I know, the kid says “mommy” and I feel like somebody shot me in the back of the head with a fuckin’ gel-soft! Turns out the kid was an Initiate grade mage! Should have shot the little bitch when I had the chance. We neutralize the remaining threats (Spider IS a useful bastard, he DID shoot the little bitch… too bad it was a gel-soft). Kenji performs what first aid he can to make sure nobody dies, but chainsaw didn’t make it. I think his girlfriend did, though.
Now, as if that wasn’t bad enough, right about the time we’re going to pull out, the bar’s owners show up. We manage to fast talk them into thinking we’re our subject’s external back-up. I don’t know how we managed to get them to buy that line of crap, that story was so thin it qualified as anorexic!
So, we finally deliver our report to the Johnson (some slinky looking chick called Dae) and she presents us with another opportunity. She paid us 5K for the info and offered us 10K if we could whack the Lone Star informant and get all his information. I called bullshit. Whacking a Star has to be worth at least 15K apiece. She dickered me down to 14K but that was still an improvement. We took the hit contract.
We set up an ambush in the barrens. Kenji cast invisibility on the van. They had me driving because I was the best driver in the bunch. Dirtbag comes screaming up the road and Spider knocks his ass right off his bike with that monster cannon of his. What a mess! I start backing up so we can finish him and recover the guy’s hardware when all of a sudden this… thing… comes up out of the middle of the road. I damn near pissed myself! We couldn’t take that thing, no way in hell! So, I slammed the van in drive and started bugging out of there but quick. I wasn’t keeping track of what everyone else was doing but the thing in the road just disappeared. WTF?
With the threat eliminated, we go back and secure the hardware off the corpse, snatch his bike, and leave the meat for the locals. I’m looking at a decent payday for a change. I’m going to spend it in a nice quiet bar enjoying some decent liquor instead of that cheap shit I’m usually stuck with. Oh, how wrong I was.
As we’re cracking dirtbag’s hardware, word on the street comes back that everybody and his brother is out for our asses. The Star has BOL’s out on us along with surveillance video from that biker bar we talked our way out of. Wait’ll dear ol’ Dad sees THAT shit! We’re totally compromised but we still have to finish the run. We’ll need the payoff to hide.
We meet up with Dae again and now she wants us to play invasion of the body snatchers. She’s got a dwarf, a troll, and a squirrely looking orc with her. Not only does she want us to take the extra baggage along, she wants to only offer us 10K apiece. Oh HELL no! With the heat we’ve got on us? I countered 20K and the team backed up my play. Dae caved but said she could only advance 5K because it was all she had on her. She did say that if we managed to secure this high profile body (some TV hack who took her drug story too seriously) and the autopsy info, her patron could maybe find us some out of town work until the heat died down. Hiding out on someone elses dime sounded like a good idea. I told her we needed the other half of the advance before proceeding. She agreed and said she would call me with the arrangements. When she called us back, it was for the lot of us to be at 77 at 8PM.
Well, we rented a limo (you can’t show up at 77 in a POS van, after all) and Kenji put a fashion glam on us. We’re led to a back room where we’re met by Kaz Yakamura himself! This guy’s big time. I guess for the money we demanded he wanted to eyeball us himself. Can’t blame him. He confirmed the possibility of out of town employment if we can recover that body.
This brings us to now. We have to plan the break-in and extraction from a highly secured DocWagon regional HQ. We have to get a shitload of materials, fake DocWagon squaks, set up contingency plans, and generally figure out how we’re gonna do this without getting killed. How did I get myself into this, again?




No insult taken if the intention is that Lei sheng resembles the ninjaesque squirrel from Christmas Vacation…

Ever deeper...

It was fun having money and not having to earn it. But I knew that eventually the strings that were attatched to it would be pulled. Well I played the clueless rich boy long enough. That life is over now and with it the debt that bound me.

The initial investigation into the Flipside distribution ring was fairly simple. We observed and made connections, culminating in a detailed assesment of where how the drug was being moved. We also discovered that one of the gang lieutenants was a Lone Star plant. So we passed all of this on to our Johnson. Se asserted that the plant needed to be removed and his data lost. We accepted that job as well and the plant had a fatal motorcycle accident in the Barrens.

And then my old connections turned on me. Apparently they decided that I was an expendable asset and decided to eliminate me. So be it. I called in a favor and erased my tracks. OF course, what those old ‘friends’ of mine didn’t know is that I knew this day would come and had preparations in place for it. Kenji’s debt of honor led to his death. I owe the Yakuza nothing now.

So now we are planning on covering up a high profile death related to Flipside. We’ve been given extra manpower for the job. Were to infiltrate a Doc Wagon station to retrieve both a corpse and the pertinent data about the corpse. I guess we’ll see if this team has any kind of future in the next 72 hours.

Durgan's Log 1
Durgan's Logs

Well, this ought to be interesting… Impersonating a DocWagon crew with a decent, once it’s done, phony ambulance… Stealing a corpse and info, one or the other sure, but both at the same time? I am intrigued on a personal, and professional, level with Lucey that our research has come up with… Wonder how she feels about Dwarves, wonder if I could take her when it comes to that point. Oh well, back to the changes on this Citymaster, gotta do a damn good job, like always. Such a pretty car, I wish I could play with it more.


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