Circle of Shadows - 2072

Spider log12
For fist full of Nuyen

Well, looking back on the mission it went as well as can be expected. We finished the mission, no casualties on our side, only one on the other side unless you count the Yama kings. Blondie didn’t kill anyone or level any buildings, Lei didn’t freak out too bad about me shooting the prisoner. I kinda feel guilty about that but tactically; I still think it was the right move. Lei seems to think I burned a bridge or offended and dishonored my self before an great man, I on other hand think no matter what happened delivering him to people waiting with a mage cuffs and hood wouldn’t get us added to his x-mas card list. I manage to convince Durgan to bug the old man {I don’t know why it was so hard} Maybe we’ll get some useful intel. Back in more familiar living quarters, a decent paycheck, and heading towards LA… You know there isn’t even anything I want to redact from recent events… Now what to spend cash on

Living in a vacuum

Lei sheng sat down at the team’s new warehouse location and contemplated the run. Kowloon, a cesspool of misery if there ever was one, was dust in their trail. Another mission accomplished for the Olaya Cartel, no casualties.

And no progress.

No information.

In their hands the team held a revered former 489 of the Smoking Circle Triad, a possible ally, a possible source of information, and a potential enemy of the Cartels. The honorable surrender of the rumored child of the Great Dragon Lung was literally pissed on by Spider.

Once again difficulty, risk, reward, and opportunity were all bypassed for the ease of the moment. A player on the level of Chin-Yo is generally regarded as untouchable, and now it is likely the entire team may answer for his treatment both in Kowloon and by the Black Chrysanthemums.

Wires Log 13
Yama Kings? More like Drama Kings!

Oh frell, that is a rather large monkey…

I quickly hop out of the spy fly and check back in on the vid feed in the room below me. Oh frell, they are coming up through the ceiling! That is definitely this technomancer’s cue to leave, if I ever saw one.

I immediately switch to AR and receive a data package intercepted from the investigator downstairs. Yama Kings? Desk Six? Ritual murder? I have some research to do. I order the Wuxing to clear the door for me as I search various things. First and foremost being the Yama Kings.

I get the information and…oh dren. I have to warn the others!

I get on the comms and alert them to what is happening and what I have discovered only to find that our amazing team of elite runners can apparently take out horrible beasts of legend like they are not much of a threat at all (I do not find out about Kenji’s victory until later, but still), as I watch the team blow this huge minotaur creature away like it was confetti.

The team boards the copter as I hightail it (with Jorge in tow, foolish drug addict…) out of the hotel. Along the way, I am pulling up whatever data and information I can, finding some dead-ends here and some disturbing things there. Nothing too conclusive pops up but there are some things that…

I really hate this cab driver and his music. I make a point to doom the rest of his cab driving existence to bad country western ballads.

Anyway, I am still patched into the team through Kalandra’s eyes and comm, so I can see and hear most of what is happening at the rendezvous. Apparently, they want to relocate everything to Los Angeles. They are giving us the option of breaking our contract with them and returning to Seattle if we desire.

I, myself, have a somewhat…personal investment in this endeavor so I opt to stick around. The others eventually come to the same agreement and we receive a nice big bonus for our efforts.

However, there are still many things looming in the dark, just beyond our sight, metaphorically speaking. What is Desk Six, exactly? Who is trying to frame us…again? What organizations are behind this now obvious set-up we were sent on? And WHY do they keep giving us hookers??

Bones Initiation 2/Entry 9
Even More Magicks In Me

So we go to the Cowloon City place, ins a Helicopter and we gets dere and starts to go downs da ropes. Me grabs Spider and grabs the rope and jumps out as we goes down Spider throws a grenade at the guys beneath us. We hit the ground and me hits one of the guys(As me hits him me tries something differents and tries to use Magicks to punch through hims. Me not sure if it works though cause he dropped after one hit. Me gonna need to trys mores) and takes his gun(me wanted a assault rifle) and everyone spreads out. They go into the building and starts to secure the old guy, and me goes into another room. Me starts to try and flows Magicks in me eyes so me can sees better and me notices guys outsides. Me asks Spiders if its okays to shoots them but decides to throw grenade insteads. Then they shot da crudes outta me but it didnt hurts much. Den me hears someone say somethings bout Demon Kings?

Kalandra's Thoughts 12

We are up at the crack of dawn; Blondie’s guy came thru and got us what we needed. We went got on the helicopter and flew to Kowloon. Everyone made the trip down and there were two men puking around us. We located building and went in. I went to cover the other exit if there once one. Kenji talked to target and he said he would come quietly. A Puke bomb was thrown in by him so that his men would be incapacitated but Kenji’s spirit kept target safe. The Helicopter is going to land in our courtyard, just big enough for it. Clearing the courtyard for the escape, get some guys shooting at us, the target says that he won’t enter the room me and bones are in dangerous chemicals. WTF ok we are getting out of this room. I head out to courtyard to continue clearing it; Courtyard clear and holding. WTF hairy balls what is wires looking at?

Hong Kong Prefecture Police Data Transmission Packet

To: Commander HGPP – Command Central From: Inspector William Wu Subject: Yama King Sighting Confirmed

Confirmed sighting in Kowloon walled city of three possibly four Yama Kings. Ritual slaying at the Peninsula Five Star seems to be the gateway catalyst for an unseemly and nearly impossible series of events to trigger the bound Yama Kings.

Previous research does seem to indicate that these events are random however closer examination current events highlights the unlikelihood of such coincidence.

I have contacted Vatican Headquarters to report this occurence per standing orders. A shadow running operations has been reported and detected in and around the contact area. It would seem these elements could be responsible for breaking the wards and fulfilling the ritual requirements.

I am informing Desk Six of the need to interrogate local shadow elements.

Spider Log 11
You don’t see that every day…

Ten Hours after our last engagement, only seven hours after that joke of a mission briefing, we find ourselves hovering over Kowloon City. According to our “Briefing” our target is an un-enhanced un-awakened old man retired from high levels of a Chinese gang… These four facts fit about as well as a rich 20yr old attractive female living in Shanghi’s red light district, not impossible but not exactly likely! No way you live to old age and retire from a violent gang with no special edge. Lei’s contact claims he’s some kind of Were-dragon more likely… but not exactly good news either. The “Plan” is “Simplicity” itself drop into a sky scraper shanty town extract the old man and fly out the way we came in.(YEAH RIGHT!) I review my climbing softs and get a rude awakening I have about a 30% chance of pulling off this high speed maneuver without strength enhancing gloves (WHY DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT GEAR? Oh yeah, I only had 7 hrs sleep time and no prep time.) I piggy-back with bones, instead of endangering our deployment, it does give me an opportunity to drop a vomit grenade, as we deploy. We land to sound and sight of vomiting gunman. Bones puts one out… permanently. The rest of us ignore the obviously incapacitated outer perimeter guards and one innocent bystander. I shoot out the coffee house window Kalandra toss’s in a gas grenade we follow clear the first room of the coffee house. Blondie lets us know the next room is full of people. Kenji (who is floating with us in the astral) checks the room and informs us our target is a drake. ( The air spirit astral relay is a great logistical addition) I fire some gel rounds through the cardboard wall and follow up with a vomit grenade. Kenji tells us the target has surrendered, and I point out the grenade doesn’t care. Kenji’s spirit protects the were-dragon but not the others. The copter seems to have stirred up the natives, after the ork takes a hit from a machine gun and he pauses to get permission to break weapon silence before returning fire!!! Now that’s commitment to the Plan, granted with his military spec armor it’s only a love tap. Bullets spray through the build other go to secure our landing zone. I keep my guns laser steady on our target. He hasn’t resisted, what’s his angle? I have visions of us taking off, packed in the back of the copter when suddenly the old man blasts fire around the compartment as he jumps out and flies away… I decide to simplify the equation one narcojet round and a gel soft round to the head and he goes down like sack of potatoes. Sorry guys I made a unilateral decision but consultation would have lost the element of surprise… Where the frak is our ride? Wires comes on the line telling us to check our southeast quarter (and why is showing us a close-up of some animals testicles??? OH GIANT DEMON CREATURES… You don’t see that every day…

Into Kowloon

Lei sheng rose early and immediately checked for missed messages. As hoped, Shushi had left a message: Their target, besides being a revered, respected, and retired Shan Chu (489) of the Smoking Circle Triad, is rumored to be the drake child of a dragon. And not just any dragon, but the mighty Lung, a Great Dragon and head of the Red Dragon Triads. If true that held intersting implications for Lung’s possible influence over other Triads, but that was not of immediate concern for Lei sheng.

In short order, the team found was approaching Kowloon in Mitch’s helo at the break of dawn. Commm traffic lit up. Closer. Four barrels were lit up at highpoints over Kowloon and began spitting out black clouds. Closer. The exit team readied their rappeling gear; Kalandra had Spider secured to her harness, Bones had Durgan’s drone dog, Lei sheng and Blondie on separate lines. Kenji was present in the astral as well as four spirits.

Lei sheng was suspicious of the barrel fires and their possible impact on Kowloon’s already present background count. As the team exited the helicopter, he paused, focused, and a blast of energy sent one of barrels flying off the ‘roof’ to the ‘streets’ below.

Chaos reigned. Gas. Gunfire. A storeroom of toxic chemicals. Their target inexplicably surrendered to Kenji, saying only “This was not necessary”. Madness. Oddly enough, at present only a few gunmen roamed the streets, and most seemed uninterested in engaging the team. If anything, the team was drawing fire from men that would have gone on their way.

Soon, a nearby courtyard was marked for egress. Everything was going smoothly…

Kenji’s spirit reported the magician just engaged a free spirit closing on the team. Striking with a stunbolt, he barely overcame the spirit’s formidable defenses and retreated in an attempt to draw it away.

A Yama King…

Wires Log 12
Who can it be knocking at my node?

Mission goes underway. I see the team off as they head to the roof to board the chopper waiting for them. I wish them luck…I think we are going to need it.

Personally, I barricade myself in my room, get Durgan’s Wuxing to watch the room, and one of his spy flies to watch the hall. I REFUSE to let myself get sucker punched again while full VR.

I start doing my analysis of the proxy nodes our arrogant hacker friend used to determine what they were up to. Meanwhile, the team drops into the shanytown and begin their extraction. Frell, they are going in hot and obvious with all the gas grenades they are dropping and disturbance being kicked up by the helicopter presence.

Suddenly, I get a ‘knocking’ at my node. There’s this little termite agent out there trying to access my node.

Could my hacker friend be back? Possibly. Am I going to stand for this blatant attempt to intrude into my Matrix space? Frell no.

With one hard-hitting Nuke, I freeze the thing with no effort. Upon analyzing it, I discover it is meant to intercept and record comm traffic.

Interesting…ah well! Can not have that!

I thread an Attack complex form (with the added touch of making its appearance a can of Raid. Who says I do not have a sense of humor?), and blast the thing to hell, with a ‘polite’ message to its user that they should stay out of my nodes. The strange thing is that, at the same time I destroy it, I get a message from the hotel saying that the police are there investigating a ritual murder on the floor below me. Also, me destroying the little guy summoned a LOT more of his friends.

So there I am, murder below me, 30 agents in front of me, and my team busy extracting our target (who turns out to be a drake, strangely). I decide to leave the agents outside my node where they seem content to just sit and do nothing, and investigate this murder. Sure enough, security cameras reveal the body of a woman and forensics doing their job.

Kalandra asks me to check some photos. I do so. Relay the information back. Whatever. Check on the agents. Still sitting there. Does the team need me presently? Not really.

So I begin doing programming work.

Then I realize they might need another set of eyes, so I send my sprite into one of Durgan’s drones to scout around. I mean…it can not hurt to have another person watching their back, right?

Wait…is that a set of hairy testicles?

Kalandra’s Thoughts 11

We return to the hotel to find out that Maria wasn’t the one that was texting us. She did get hacked and there were bugs in the hotel, kinda like spyfly but more technological. We tell about what has happened and that we had another encounter with the shedim. She tells is that we need to meet with Henry’s team. We go into Henry’s room and meet everyone. We also talk about the new job we are to do. We are to extract this guy and not a friendly extraction. Henry’s rigger is going to fly us over the place so we can drop in. We are going to be facing a lot of gang members. Biggest threat is number not weapons, also the place may cave in on us.


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