Circle of Shadows - 2072

Interstate 94 Crash and Burn

This is Candis Lacy of Channel 18 News!!

Its a tragic day on I94 north! A large tanker has jumped off grid-guide, crossed through four retention barriers and careened into oncoming traffic. As you can see below Rockford derailment cp 6906487 the wreckage is strewn out over 300 meters.

Witnesses claimed that the vehicle suddenly began glowing with a greenish blue nimbus only moments before the careening vehicle slammed into 17 oncoming cars and trucks.

We have at least 11 dead at the scene and scores wounded! DocWagon central dispatch is mustering all its support units to assist in the crash. Even now you can see a rare site, seven Ares Rescue Choppers lined up and hovering over the site. That is just amazing, viewers..precision piloting there you can see….

As one chopper comes in the ground crews load up the wounded and burned very quickly and off goes the rescue chopper towards one of DocWagon’s emergency centers – while the hovering line of choppers replaces the loaded and moves in. A city wide alert has gone out for rescue personnel and …well you can also see that traffic on 94 is backed up for at least ten miles…

The only thing left to make this even better…oh yes there you can see it….typical Seattle weather. Here is Paul Harvey at Weather Five…heavy thunderstorms is it Paul? Hh47 firing web

Kalandra’s Thoughts Entry 2

So as everyone is doing their thing, I watch the ground nothing is going to sneak up on me. Le Shang see a watcher spirit, well it didn’t last long I guess he blew it up, still not sure it was a good idea since it wasn’t harming us, could draw attention to us. After that what do I see a Lone Star van moving slowly past us, I let the two that are out giving Bones a heart attack to gain intel not to come back right away. Man I’m glad I’m not him, but the intel should help. So the van has three people in it but they make no moves but I watch it until it leaves the area. Well once it has left I tell the two that they can come back, but should hurry since we don’t know if the van will make another round. Well they get back fine as I can tell. So now the prep work is as done as they are going to do and everyone wants to sleep, well I am not going to leave the ground unwatched so I stand guard thru the night. Bones gets back; well, he had a nice rest at the doc wagon so he can stand watch. I get some sleep before we have to move in on Docwagon. I get a nice awakening we have to move shop so we need to pack everything up, fabulous Durgan sure has a lot of things. So we spend 10hrs pack everything we could up because Wires got traced back to here and we are not going to sit around and wait to see what happens. Well at least they are smart that way. I guess I will have to agree with Dae on the fact that everyone knows what they are doing and knows to watch their back. Well Durgan is pissed off, don’t blame him he had a nice set-up, a little too extravagant for my taste but it did have everything we need to fix up Kenji’s vehicle to look like a Docwagon ambulance. Well we move out man I hope no one is watching, it might raise questions and red flags. Well since that is done and all prep work done we move in on the Docwagon, man that was easy. Spider knows his stuff and get us the right RFIDs, and even through Wires got traced, he did get the numbers in. Blondie works her magic on the front desk person and we get sent down straight to the morgue with security know that we have the ok. What do we see when we get in but our target on the table with a doctor that look like he hasn’t sleep getting ready to do an autopsy. Kenji talks to him about helping him out and Blondie again works her magic and get him to leave with her “for coffee” man she has got some skills with the men. Well Wires fixes the cameras and blondie knocks the guy out with a patch, well at least he’ll get some sleep. Kenji makes wires and out target invisible on top of our gurney, wait til wires finds out he had her on top of him, lol. So far so smooth now we just have to get out of here, hope that goes smoothly, however I wouldn’t mind kicking some ass.

1ADAM12 - 1ADAM12

The Lone Star Bulldog StepVan cruised quietly through the dirty, dank, and dangerous streets of Redmond, 76th and Newsome. Its occupants were focused each on their own important tasks.

Detective Billy Stone spoke up from the rigger cocoon, “Yo, Yo, Yo….we are in the vicinity. Can I get a ripple of fraggin’ intelligence or what?” He slammed the vehicle into scripted automode set a way point for the end of the block and hit his creeper snooper program.

The van slowed to 10mph and two antennae and a microwave dish began scanning the airwaves, buildings, and road nearby.

Patrolman Dwight Cochran twiddled his thumb around his stank cigar that no one wanted him tokin’ on. “Hey Boss…what we doing out here this time anyways? This is barely civilized…you think Alec’s killas out here?”

Stone barked back, “Dwight, shut it. You are totally out of your element…just look out the window and get ready to hose down any ghouls, slacks, or pricks that beg for it. Shally what you got?”

Shally Newsome turned her amber eyes towards the view screen where Stone peered back at her from the safety of his rigger cocoon. “Astral is cloudy and murky here. My watcher met its end on this street. Take us down a block and pull us in.”

Stone responded, “You got it LT.”

The van cruised to the end of the block, hooked a u-turn, backed into a shadow and went dark.

Shally commanded, “Servitus, bide and obey…conceal our transport and await instructions.”

The spirit named Servitus focused his will and the van and its occupants vanished from sight.

Time passed…say Boss, “Some dudes just showed up at that place down there…it looks like something is afoot! That place is packing up and getting ready to roll!”

Stone issued mental commands as the van’s sensors zoomed in and began watching, filming, and taking it all in.

After a short time the Dwarf finished uninstalling several key pieces of security gear and disappeared inside. Not long after the garage doors rolled up and out came a Docwagon Ambulance, several bikes, a City master, and a freaking caravan of no-good-ness.

Stone dispatched his eye in the sky to track the group and immediately radio’d dispatch, “Dispatch this is task force 88…be advised we are trailing possible suspects – masquerading as Docwagon officials heading towards downtown. Please…link me to the watch Commander…”


Lei sheng so happy not to have DocWagon contract

During deep meditation, Huang Di, the celestial Yellow Emperor, counseled Shweyu that soon would come a formidable test of his abilities. As usual, an honorable test would be required even at the expense of ease or safety. While contemplating this, Lei sheng’s astral attention was drawn to a watcher spirit paying particular attention to the rigger shop. Lei sheng shrugged, concentrated, and disrupted the spirit with a simple spell. Curious as to who was so interested in the shop, he astrally tracked the mage’s signature back to Lone Star in downtown Seattle. If Lone Star was anything like the Shang-hai Police and Militia Bureau (Shang-hai P.M.B.), he wanted nothing to do with it. He fled immediately.///////////////// The next several hours flew by. In a remarkable display of foolishness, the so-called “technomancer” had his hack traced back to the rigger’s shop. From his experience, Lei sheng was familiar with the complete disassociation Matrix-dwellers and some magicians had from reality. At least three times in his life with the Triads he had led been part of a posse that decimated hacker gangs foolish enough to leave tracks. In any event, the concensus was to move the shop contents to an alternate location and fear no immediate reprisal. //////////// In quick order, weapons were bought and RFIDs were forged to facilitate the trick to pose as DW employees and gain entry. Escape routes were plotted, gas maks distributed, magic cast to mimic the appearance of DW HRT armor. Enroute to the DocWagon facility, Lei sheng popped a tab of Psyche and felt the familiar expansion of awareness and clarity of thought it brought. He focused his concentration to the flow of mana and gathered it in order to vastly increase his situational awareness and increase his reflexes to superhuman levels. In each case he focused his chi to resist the dangerous aspect of bending mana to his will while his increased concentration from Psyche harmonized the strain of sustaining the two spells to a negligible distraction. (F5 Combat Sense and F3 Increase Reflexes both being sustained). ///////////// Everything was going smoothly even according to Lei sheng’s hyperawareness, but Huang Di’s warning was ever-present…

Bones' Entry 2
Hospitals are bad...

Me have decided to never EVER go near docter place again!.... EVER!

Bones ahead of self though, so me write story bout it. So all the peoples are still making plans when, Kenji asks if he can use me to fake a kardiak arrest(?) so they can get some data for the van. Me kinda stare at him for a minute, then Spider said he meant a heart attack and that it was gonna hurt bads. Me was very happy to be helpful for the plan so i said yes, so we go to park and Kenji made Spider invisibles since he is apparently still in troubles with the police. Then he pulled out a needle and injected it into me. It tingled in the beginning then it hurts ALOTS! me couldnt even stay standing ups! my docter armband started making sounds and then they said they would be there soons. me hoped they hurried it was starting to hurts worse and my arms were tingly. Then the docter peoples showed up and puts me on a stretcher and put me in the van. Then they started asking me questions and they gave me ice creams! not really sure whys but yays! Nexts they took me to the docter place and i got a bed, then she came in… This troll nurse came in and she said she needed to check for rektil bleeding? Me soon find out that means she gets to shove fist in my butt! It make me very mads but the plan was to come back here so me didnt wanna get in trouble and possibly miss out on a fight just to hurt this one person. besides if me lucky during plan we see her agains then i hit her goods. so then me went back to the group after getting released from the docter place and me not say anything bout it. Once me hads free time though me went into my commlink and found my list. me accessed the list and put red X on last picture, then added new thing for troll docter lady, labeled hurt badly! anyways we do the plan, which means me cant take any of my weapons. oh well me still hurt people goods with my fists. so we get into the docter place and walk up to the desk, and blondie convinces the guy at the desk to let us in and basically give us free pass to morg. so we walk down and go into the morg and there is a docters there who looks really tireds. so blondie walks up to him, talks about getting coffee and puts a patch on his neck which knocks him out. Now me getting bored they said there was good chance for fight! Me know me shouldnt be complaining but this is ridiculous! me doesnt even have my guns so it would be fair fight! But wait there it is… me starting to get gooseybumps, and those only happen before fights… is that good or bad?

Blondie Chapter 1-2
I've got a bad feeling about this...

Don’t get me wrong, I like an easy run as much as the next girl. Trouble is, NOBODY pays this kind of money for a run this easy and I’m willing to bet that it isn’t because we’re just that damn good. Hell, with the exception of Kenji, I haven’t even KNOWN any of these people for more than a week. This just doesn’t feel right.

First, I have to give props to Spider and Shorty. They did a bang-up job turning Kenji’s mobile surgical hospital into a plausible DocWagon. The troll, Softy (a troll called Softy? WTF is this world coming to?) stayed up almost the entire time keeping watch. Kenji gave Bones what looked like a heart attack so he could gather some intel about the facility (not the sort of task an orc is best suited to but he’s the only one of us with a DocWagon contract. I tossed my bracelet years ago). The squirrely orc gave the garage the magical once over. He even made a Taco Bell run (although refried beans should NEVER, EVER be fed to orcs and trolls in a closed environment!)

I was tasked with gathering equipment and finding us a disgruntled former DW employee for some procedural intel (Spider is REALLY a useful bastard, that was his idea). So, I called my ol’ buddy Mitch. Mitch has always looked out for me, even after Daddy let him go. Daddy always suspected that Mitch helped facilitate my escape but never had any proof. As always, Mitch came through. Most of our shopping list was pretty mundane, but Mitch managed to get us 2 Ares Alpha assault rifles, WITH ammo, at a reasonable price in just 24 hours. I swear that man is a miracle worker. He also found someone that DW screwed over and we got some good technical advice.

The only downside to the prep was that the techie screwed the pooch. He said he got the RFID package into their system ok, but someone traced him back to the garage. Fuck. So, we spent the next 10 hours packing up everything that wasn’t bolted down (and quite a bit of shit that was) and got the hell out of Dodge.

So we finally start the run. We roll up on the facility and all the gates open and we’re welcomed inside with open arms. I guess the RFID’s really did go through. As we enter, the troglodyte at the front desk opens his yap to question our presence (he really needs to brush his teeth, gah!) and I break out my phone sex voice. I doubt this guy has ever even seen a real woman before. Not only did he point us to the morgue, he even called ahead to let security know he sent us and that we were cool!

We enter the morgue with our “body” and discover the coroner getting ready to start the autopsy of our target. It isn’t even done yet! Since Mr. Yakamura is paying a premium for autopsy info, I suppose we could get Kenji to perform one after we get out of here.

Now the Doc looks like he’s been awake for a week, so I get Kenji to slip me a trank patch and suggest to the doc that we might want to get a cup of coffee together. I give him the wink and he agrees. As I slip up next to him, I curl my hand around the back of his neck and the trank patch does the rest. He needs the sleep anyway.

Now, all that’s left is to make the bodies invisible, roll our “empty” gurney back out to the rig, and drive off like we’re going back to work. Why do I just KNOW that it isn’t going to work out that way?

Wires Log 2
Like taking files from an unprotected system

This is incredible.

I thought this job was going to be difficult. Honestly, one would imagine a DocWagon facility having better security than THIS. The Faraday cage was a nice touch, but nothing our team hasn’t been able to bypass without a little creativity.

To make a long story short, I compiled the necessary sprites for the job, sent a few to start scanning the DW’s Tier 1 node, accessed it, and inserted the necessary RFID tag information into their database. All that went off without much of a hitch.

Except for this one frelling bitch.

There I am, editing the RFID list, and this troll bitch’s icon pops in. She starts frelling wailing on me with a Black Hammer, but fortunately I was too good for her. The damn thing just pinged off me like it was made of foam. UNFORTUNATELY, she DID trace my signal back to the garage. The team packed it in and left before anyone showed up to cart us away.

Then, it was game time. We hit the DW facility like it was nothing. Getting in was easy, with Blondie conning her way in like a frelling pro. Once we were inside the Faraday cage perimeter, I tore my way through their defenses without even being noticed! All I have to say is thank the AI for sprites. I couldn’t have done it without all of them backing me up.

A simple search, copy/delete, search, edit, bing bang boom, and everything is on its way to being another smooth operation accomplished. Hell! I have enough time to even record this log WHILE I’m doing the operation. THAT’S how easy this all is!

Okay, now I have to get the files for Bones (on some nurse…maybe he likes her, I don’t know), hack control of those drones for Durgan, and maybe get some bank information on some wealthy clients, and we’re out of here.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Spider log 2
Three Ps of Shadowrunning

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!!! Some find the work tedious not me! {at least the bits remember} Durgan & I Retrofitted the city master into a doc wagon clone. Wires did his cyber prep, Blondie got equipment and intel & Softy watched our back. Lei did magic sweep of the facility, and also made the Taco run. Bones “volunteered” to get us a closer look at a doc wagon. Kenji made me invisible so I could copy all the electronic signatures. 70 RF tags later and some fashion mojo our team can pass for a Doc Wagon team. Wires delivers the data pack (minor glitch Wires flagged durgan’s shop) Now we are ready to run. Doors open at the facility Blondie schmoozes the admin guy, Wires hacks the second tier. The body is even out in plain sight!! Camera’s hacked, Data retrieved and coroner neutralized. It occurs to me that this job is going so smooth,(unless I redacted some really bad crap) the other shoe bound to drop any minute….

Durgan's Log 1
Durgan's Logs

Well, this ought to be interesting… Impersonating a DocWagon crew with a decent, once it’s done, phony ambulance… Stealing a corpse and info, one or the other sure, but both at the same time? I am intrigued on a personal, and professional, level with Lucey that our research has come up with… Wonder how she feels about Dwarves, wonder if I could take her when it comes to that point. Oh well, back to the changes on this Citymaster, gotta do a damn good job, like always. Such a pretty car, I wish I could play with it more.

Ever deeper...

It was fun having money and not having to earn it. But I knew that eventually the strings that were attatched to it would be pulled. Well I played the clueless rich boy long enough. That life is over now and with it the debt that bound me.

The initial investigation into the Flipside distribution ring was fairly simple. We observed and made connections, culminating in a detailed assesment of where how the drug was being moved. We also discovered that one of the gang lieutenants was a Lone Star plant. So we passed all of this on to our Johnson. Se asserted that the plant needed to be removed and his data lost. We accepted that job as well and the plant had a fatal motorcycle accident in the Barrens.

And then my old connections turned on me. Apparently they decided that I was an expendable asset and decided to eliminate me. So be it. I called in a favor and erased my tracks. OF course, what those old ‘friends’ of mine didn’t know is that I knew this day would come and had preparations in place for it. Kenji’s debt of honor led to his death. I owe the Yakuza nothing now.

So now we are planning on covering up a high profile death related to Flipside. We’ve been given extra manpower for the job. Were to infiltrate a Doc Wagon station to retrieve both a corpse and the pertinent data about the corpse. I guess we’ll see if this team has any kind of future in the next 72 hours.


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