Circle of Shadows - 2072

Durgan's log 3
Durgan's Logs

Damn! That was great. Like a scene out of a trid, spells flying, explosions, some pretty fantastic driving. Setting Docwagon against Lonestar: genius; too bad we couldn’t get any of those drones. Spider’s great idea of the removeable paint on the Citymaster, hopefully that will keep some heat off us since we no longer look like a Docwagon… Those mages and spirits sure do some ridiculous things, one rips out coolant hoses, another sucks out the heat; I’ll never get used to it, that poor car. And those damn greedy organ harvesters, trying to rip us off, should have just had Illidan shoot them. Guess it is time to lay low for awhile till it’s time for the meet.

Blondie Chapter 1-3
Well THAT was a piece of work...

Ok. So far the run’s going like clockwork. We took the napping coroner and stuck him in a cooler drawer with our target’s toe tag, then packed up everything and had Kenji make the bodies (sorry Wires) and the target’s effects invisible. Just as we’re getting ready to extricate from the DocWagon facility, my prediction came true… all hell broke loose. As we approach the elevator with our “empty” gurney, a bunch of EMT’s appear pushing charred corpses. Apparently there was a huge accident on the I94 which had all of DW’s air units bringing in survivors and all available units were being diverted to triage. The guy in charge of this group told us the elevator was restricted to roof access only until further notice. Great. Then he starts looking for the coroner. I think someone told him that the doc was in the crapper and we made our way out while the EMT was tryinhg to raise control. Fortunately Spider was in direct communication with Wires’ com and Wires was able to override the elevator lockout and get us out on the ground floor.

What we saw when the doors opened was nothing short of complete chaos. Not as nice as a squeaky clean exfiltration but we’ll take what we can get, right? As we’re moving out, I tell my new buddy Smitty that we just got called to a high-risk pick-up and we were rolling out. He was so preoccupied that I don’t know if he even heard me. Then Shorty gives us the wonderful news that Lone Star is outside the enclave in force. Shit. I knew this was too easy.

Wires fakes a call out of some other DW wheeled units and we have Kenji work his mojo again so we can slip out with the group. And just to add to the fun, we had DW’s defensive drones fire on the Stars (I think that might have been Shorty but it’s hard to tell). At this point I’m pretty much relegated to the position of observer. This is where tachypsychia sets in, everything sorta turns into a blur.

I remember we separated from the other DW vehicles and at first we thought we were clean away, but apparently all that magic use leaves some sort of resonance or something because we were suddenly being followed by some helicopter gunships. At that point Lu Ping… err, Lee Shan… anyway, the squirrely looking ork did something and one of the choppers took a header into a large building. According to the news later, that wreck apparently killed a naked space-diving ork. Score one for natural selection.

We ducked under an underpass and Spider (being his usual useful self) got rid of the temporary DW markings and paint job. Now we’re just another CityMaster (like nobody notices those) and we proceed onward. Somewhere in traffic we experience some sort of coolant leak but one of the mages engages a fire spirit to suck the heat out of the engine. I don’t understand how that shit works, but that’s what they said they did.

Finally we get clear and we hole up while Kenji does an autopsy. Interestingly enough, the target didn’t die of an overdose. In fact, according to Kenji, this chick had never used anything stronger than an over-the-counter analgesic in her life. Cause of death: smoke inhalation. Curious. Seems like the deeper we get in this crap, the more questions we end up with.

Finally I place the call to the organ leggers and set up a meet. Turns out they’re a bunch of ghouls. Figures. We roll out the body and they check it. So far, so good. When I give them the credstick that Dae gave me for them, they start giving me static about how it only contains half the agreed upon price. Do these slimy fuckers honestly think I was born last night? I tell them that they’re full of it and we can just call our Johnson for confirmation. About that time the rest of the team begins to roll out of the CityMaster. Between us appearing to be wearing military grade armor, carrying Aries Alpha assault rifles, and us threatening to take the body to another buyer, the ghouls cave and give us our reciept. Now we just have to catch up with Dae, make our report and deliver the info… then get the hell out of town (terrorists, damn)!

Bones' Entry 3
Short man drive good

Me not understand, me had gooseybumps which means there is fight soon but me not get in fight! So we got outta of the docter place and the police were there! then spider started talking about playing a game with shells? me not understand spider at times. so mages got us away from the police by making us invisibles (i could still see me so me not think it work) but the docter peoples didnt see us. and then the short man started driving really fast and really goods! Me tried to look and see if people were following when a police copter exploded! so then we go to barrens and we meet ghouls and give them the body after they stopped being stupids(something about more moneys or somethings silly ghoulies) Later me tried to ask trollie if she would spar with me so me not gets rustys and she keep talking like she would win no matter what and she would crush bones! This makes me very angrys! she not know she win until she fights and wins! Me go see if orc want spar insteads

Kalandra Thoughts 3

Chaos happened and we escaped the docwagon without injury. Spirit sending helicopter into building nice move,killing a ork jumper maybe a tragedy. Well we got the job done and we did it in the time limit. Kenji did an autopsy and found out that she didn’t overdose, what else is being held back from Kaz, what is he hiding? Do u think he can be trusted I guess we don’t have much choice right now. Well with the info that we found from the autopsy can’t be erased from memory. I guess we will see. Caution is the best action, I use cation and I watch my back.

Lei sheng feel bad like puppy that pee on carpet

Ok, so America is a great land of opportunity! Loads of cash, and an ever-increasing karma burden. Huang Di has approached Lei sheng and counseled him to use more care. While a fire spirit of celestial flame was an honorable contest against a helicopter gunship, the unnecessary loss of life is trouble indeed (although really…the life expectancy of a space-diving Ork? Probably only had a few months left anyway…). Lei sheng is also quite concerned with the astral signature residue he left practically painted all over the area. His gut is telling him that 3-5 hours is just about the time Lone Star needs to astrally track him IF they were able to lift his signature off the scene.

Spider log 3
Amateur to Pro Status in 96 Hrs

Six days ago was setting up shop with the hopes being a Grey market weapon shop as a step to more legit opportunities (maybe a little shadow running on the side to make ends meet)<six>* Kenji has little job that cover my rent, This leads to another job wacking a gangbanger informant for a different gang (Scum on scum crime, no foul right? If wasn’t me…) Job done. Wait a minute it wasn’t a banger but a DECORATED FRAKING LONESTAR AGENT! Not only that but we end up being FRAMED for the job we actually did! (No way were actually made doing the hit… and footage edit pure crap!) Thing may be getting a little to hot stay in town… take another job for traveling money (What could go wrong? I ACTUALLY FRELLING SAID THAT!!!) Complex mission, carful prep, and clockwork run. No team injuries, no static at all EXCEPT the part where we got upgraded to FRAKING TERRORISTS!!! Now we will probably need to take out of town work just to escape the dragnet… unless I come up with an alternative shadow running just became a full time gig. Done is Done best I can do is notate and move on. Rather than stresssing I think I’ll get virtual design work done for some of my on going projects…

Wires Log 3
The hacker mindset does not actually see what happens on the other side, to the victim

Not that I care.

We accomplished the mission with almost no damage (I am fairly certain that I was the only one who sustained any injury, and THAT was self-inflicted…frelling fading).

I have to say, that has to have been the most seamless and nearly flawless plan I have ever seen executed. Even by myself, I could not pull a plan off this well. I suppose this is why a lot of hackers do this “team” thing. I could really get into it, personally.

The humorous thing about this run really had to be the chaos we ensued upon exiting the DW facility. Probable innocent casualties, guns going off, Lonestar squaring off against the DW, helicopters crashing, false reports that pulled possibly vital personnel away from the facility that might have saved lives in that interstate crash…all of it just so we could get away clean.

Then again, we ARE working for drug dealers and gangers, so what is the difference to us?

I really do not care. We got the body, got the personal belongings, got the data, and what do we get from all this? A big fat pay-off, substantial street cred, and supposedly bigger and better jobs down the line.

Oh frell! We made it on the news!

What? Terrorist magicians? No mention of…why those lousy, misinformed fools! Channel 18 News Station will be getting a data bomb in the near future…

Data bomb

Doc Wagon Mayhem

This is Seattle…late night….Channel 18 News with your host Candis Lacey!

Ladies and gentlemen there has been several tragedies tonight in downtown Seattle.

We take you live to DocWagon Central and the scene of a massive man hunt by Lonestar Security!

“Good evening Candis, Jacob Mattheson here…at the scene live. Reports are sketchy but there is some serious heat between Doc Wagon and Lone Star tonight. Relations between these two coporate entities has always been strained but after tonight – at least for now these two giants are not speaking.

What details we have is that a terrorist runner team infiltrated the Doc Wagon facility and managed to steal the body of our own Jania Shields! These sick bastards managed to bypass Doc Wagon’s security and waltz out with the body and all of her belongings. Our insider at Lone Star has reported that the security corporation was tracking the runners for an unrelated matter involving the death of an undercover officer…and get this Candis…Lone Star showed up during these terrorist runners operation and in an unprecedented act of good will informed Doc Wagon that they had been engaged.

What happens next is downright amazing. Lone Star mustered a SWAT quick response unit and the Sea Tac Arcane Forensics unit and placed them on stand-by outside of the Doc Wagon facility. As you can see behind me this is an impressive array of Security Forces.

Well…it amounted to very little. These elite and crack runners managed to slip out hidden from the facility…they are suspecting using powerful invisibility spells and support spirits and managed to completely evade the forces here. During their escape however one of the Lone Star helicopters crashed into the Nakatomi Investments Headquarter building, with the entire flight crew killed…also Candis we just had a report that Simpy Stofferson, thats right the stunt nude space jumper was also killed as he was clinging to the 30th floor of the sky scraper getting ready to leap and glide to a nearby building. Witnesses confirmed that the naked Ork was clinging to the outside window when the helicopter suddenly veered off course and slammed right into him, the 30th floor and and exploded into a fiery blaze before plummeting to the street below.

It is truly a tragic day. The terrorists are suspected to have somehow engaged the helicopter. Lone Star spokesmen, “Jake Pitts”...has accused Doc Wagon of firing on their men and helicopters but those reports are as of yet unsubstantiated.

Here is “Lieutenant Shiela Marcus of the Arcane Forensics Department at Lone Star, Lt…what is your take on this crazy events…?”

Marcus, “When you have terrorist magicians running around there is always a trail! ALWAYS..we will get these bastards, we are mustering our entire department and throwing every thing and the kitchen sink at this! We have 11 officers down…terrorists like this must be dealt with.”

Well there you have it…Candis…its just another day in Seattle-Tacoma MegaPlex. We’ll have a follow on story tomorrow after more investigation has been accomplished.

Kenji's World (Ongoing Title)

I knew Blondie was handy with the men, but I’d never seen her in action when life or death was the stakes. I was impressed. Twice she smoothed our way in the facility effortlessly. Now we have the corpse and the data and we are on to the harder part…. getting out with them.

All things considered, I’m pleased with how our new team is progressing so far. The new people are integrating just fine and the dwarf does good work on vehicles. It is my fervant hope that we don’t have to apply our lady troll’s specialty, but if we do I’m sure she won’t disappoint.

Durgan's Log 2
Durgan's Logs

Effin technomancer! Technos aren’t supposed to be getting traced; how’d we end up with one who does??? Gotta pack up shop and move! Grrr. Well, at least the Citymaster looks good. Time to go sit in the car and do nothing for a while, jump into my SpyFly every once in a while, the one that’s flying around over DocWagon Central. If worse comes to worse, Wires can make me an admin account and I can cause some chaos, that sounds like a nice way to distract them so we can get out. Hope everything is going ok inside…


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