Circle of Shadows - 2072

Wires Log 3

The hacker mindset does not actually see what happens on the other side, to the victim

Not that I care.

We accomplished the mission with almost no damage (I am fairly certain that I was the only one who sustained any injury, and THAT was self-inflicted…frelling fading).

I have to say, that has to have been the most seamless and nearly flawless plan I have ever seen executed. Even by myself, I could not pull a plan off this well. I suppose this is why a lot of hackers do this “team” thing. I could really get into it, personally.

The humorous thing about this run really had to be the chaos we ensued upon exiting the DW facility. Probable innocent casualties, guns going off, Lonestar squaring off against the DW, helicopters crashing, false reports that pulled possibly vital personnel away from the facility that might have saved lives in that interstate crash…all of it just so we could get away clean.

Then again, we ARE working for drug dealers and gangers, so what is the difference to us?

I really do not care. We got the body, got the personal belongings, got the data, and what do we get from all this? A big fat pay-off, substantial street cred, and supposedly bigger and better jobs down the line.

Oh frell! We made it on the news!

What? Terrorist magicians? No mention of…why those lousy, misinformed fools! Channel 18 News Station will be getting a data bomb in the near future…

Data bomb



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