Circle of Shadows - 2072

Wires Log 17

Scarier than the ancient days of dial-up

I am so bored.

I, obviously, completed my preparation work for the mission and now I have nothing to do but dawdle about Seattle until it is time to go. While we wait for word from the Johnson, we decide to retrieve our stuff from the storage container.

After what seems like an hour arguing about what modes of transportation to take, we make it there.

Then, after another hour of arguing about the best way to approach and open the storage container, we retriever our things.

I swear, this team is either getting too paranoid or too dysfunctional to be effective.

FINALLY, we get the call that the trucks are ready to be picked up. Great…let us get them. Because I am honestly so BORED with everything right now, I volunteer to accompany the retrieval team. Spider, Durgan, and Mind’s Eye stay behind to keep working on the vehicles we already had while the rest of us went.

For some reason, the trucks are deposited in some distant spot deep inside the Barrens. Fantastic. We head out, arrive, and get ready to take the trucks when…

Oh, look…another ambush. I am seriously getting sick of people trying to kill us no matter what we do. Go on a mission…people try to kill us. Pick up some trucks…people try to kill us. Go to the frelling bathroom…people try to kill us.

I suppose this is what the shadowrunning life is all about.

Well, after some impressive driving on my part to distract our assailants, it seems Bones, Kalandra, and Lei Sheng have things under control. Now, I just have to back this thing into a safe position and…




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