Circle of Shadows - 2072

Wires Log 12

Who can it be knocking at my node?

Mission goes underway. I see the team off as they head to the roof to board the chopper waiting for them. I wish them luck…I think we are going to need it.

Personally, I barricade myself in my room, get Durgan’s Wuxing to watch the room, and one of his spy flies to watch the hall. I REFUSE to let myself get sucker punched again while full VR.

I start doing my analysis of the proxy nodes our arrogant hacker friend used to determine what they were up to. Meanwhile, the team drops into the shanytown and begin their extraction. Frell, they are going in hot and obvious with all the gas grenades they are dropping and disturbance being kicked up by the helicopter presence.

Suddenly, I get a ‘knocking’ at my node. There’s this little termite agent out there trying to access my node.

Could my hacker friend be back? Possibly. Am I going to stand for this blatant attempt to intrude into my Matrix space? Frell no.

With one hard-hitting Nuke, I freeze the thing with no effort. Upon analyzing it, I discover it is meant to intercept and record comm traffic.

Interesting…ah well! Can not have that!

I thread an Attack complex form (with the added touch of making its appearance a can of Raid. Who says I do not have a sense of humor?), and blast the thing to hell, with a ‘polite’ message to its user that they should stay out of my nodes. The strange thing is that, at the same time I destroy it, I get a message from the hotel saying that the police are there investigating a ritual murder on the floor below me. Also, me destroying the little guy summoned a LOT more of his friends.

So there I am, murder below me, 30 agents in front of me, and my team busy extracting our target (who turns out to be a drake, strangely). I decide to leave the agents outside my node where they seem content to just sit and do nothing, and investigate this murder. Sure enough, security cameras reveal the body of a woman and forensics doing their job.

Kalandra asks me to check some photos. I do so. Relay the information back. Whatever. Check on the agents. Still sitting there. Does the team need me presently? Not really.

So I begin doing programming work.

Then I realize they might need another set of eyes, so I send my sprite into one of Durgan’s drones to scout around. I mean…it can not hurt to have another person watching their back, right?

Wait…is that a set of hairy testicles?


I’m just hoping someone isn’t going to be knocking on your REAL door…

Wires Log 12

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