Circle of Shadows - 2072

Spider log 15

A JOB is A Job Right?

Welcome to the Big Time!!! The Johnson, Mr. Gruber is clearly connected to some corp, the job transporting two cargo containers overland through 3 sovereign states. We are 2nd team to have the job, the first was “retired”. The money may be good depending on when we arrive and how low our body count is. If we screw the pooch we may end up owing money! We have two wks to prepare Wires has the lion share of the prep work, Durgan and I have a lot of vehicle mods. I think we will do another paint peel, rf tag switch etc, add some defensive and offensive weaponry and some smuggling compartments to get our most illegal gear through the check points. I’ve finally completed my runner pack prototype, just need to run it through the desktop forge in my spare time… We are back in our home town but everything is still in shambles! We need to set up a facility and base of operations, and after that we all have jobs to do. Kalandra and Bones need to take care of physical security. ( I’m sure there are Lonestar agents on the lookout for us.), Lei and Minds Eye (what is his real name anyway?) magic security (hopefully We can head off another jellyfish monster attack) and of course blondie on procurement. So far we selected missle launcher and mortar to add to our offensive araments The client is paying for ammo so I’ll make a list… defensive tire strip shock strips maybe vehicle tag erase system. It looks like Durgan and I are gonna be sweating 2 weeks. Then the run… If we plan this right we should pull it off.


Plan it out right and maybe it will be like going into DocWagon

Spider log 15

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