Circle of Shadows - 2072

Lei Sheng Loves America!

Lei Sheng

Log for 5/10 Lei sheng sat down at his table with trip one from the Taco Bell buffet and was glad to be able to eat as much as he liked for a change. He contemplated the interesting (he hesitated to say fortunate) change in his life just hours ago. Quan Cho apparently had marketed him successfully to Furen Onusuka. Lei sheng contemplated why karma had placed him at the service of another organized crime syndicate. He was free of the Triads, owed them nothing, and realized his service to Yakamura would be on different terms. He was not a soldier to be used, but not naive enough to believe people would try to use him. Infiltrating what was assuredly a hard target set Lei sheng on edge. He knew nothing about these new associates, but their competency was not his to question if they commanded enough respect to earn the fees they apparently did.



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