Circle of Shadows - 2072

Kalandra's Thought Entry 1

Kalandra watches everyone and records all she see and hears. She was taught to always watch your back cuz no one will do it for you. I meet Lei Sheng and Durgan at the meeting place first with Dae. A group of people come in later to know them as Wires, Bones, Blondie, Spider, and Kenji. They already have heat on them from the last mission. They are not happy for the extra help. Blondie doesn’t care to talk to any of us three. However she was able to negotiate a better deal for all of us, so if this is what she does I’m fine with that. The other I do question what they do. They ask the three of us about ourselves HA! Do they really thing they are going to get that much about me. I tell them what I tell everyone, I fight and can kill; I also know how to take a hit. Well they agree to do the job and let the three of us work with them, the nerve thinking that I would care if they agree to let me work with them, I do the job I’m told to do but the one who pays me. We have to meet with Dae later to get the rest of the money that we are getting. We head back to Durgans place, which is a workshop; I guess he needs one being a rigger. Some of us get magic done to our clothes to look high end for the meet. We also rent a limo to go, sweet never been in one it’s was nice but not needed. We get to the meet and we are brought to a back private room it seems. You have to be crazy for me to walk in I’m stay right here be the door, even since we had to check our weapons I’m not stupid I’m going to be prepared for anything. The person that comes isn’t Dae but introduces himself as Dae’s boss Kaz, and gives us more details into what we are doing. So he made a drug that some rich high-profile person OD’d on and he wants us to clean up for him so the drug doesn’t get out. I don’t know what people find so interesting about drugs stupid! Well it’s a job that needs to get done and I’m getting pain nicely for it. So we head back to Durgan’s shop, which seem to be more out of necessity than comfort which I like, comfort makes you weak. At the Shop- I watch and listen while thinking of ways to make this mission come out successfully. Wires- sleeping as it seems however he comes back with info, guess he has to sleep to get it. He did come back looking horribly beat down so it must not be easy. Spider and Durgan- are remodeling the vehicle to look like a DOC wagon, I hope they are good at it cuz it needs to be right or we’ll never get in. Bones, Lei Sheng, Blondie, and Kenji are planning ways to do the mission. Blondie is also getting supplies that we need. Doc Wagon seem to be highly secured, we need an airtight plan before going in. I may like a fight but rather get the job done with no or few problems. I guess I’ll find out what this bunch is worth when we are done, if all make it.


Again with Wires sleeping. Man, this game is great

Kalandra's Thought Entry 1

Well at least I have the thought that you are doing something in your sleep.

Kalandra's Thought Entry 1

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