Circle of Shadows - 2072

Kalandra’s Thoughts 15

There’s a hole in the plane and some creature is after Kenji. The way to close the hole is across the plane, have to get to it. Man why can’t these things be instant. Kenji is gone.  The plane crash lands and I wake up with a tree on me. I see that there are survivors and Spider and Wires, I’m getting our gear I’m not going to be weaponless no longer. I find Blondie doing the same thing. WTF we are on ghoul infested island, and DocWagon and Lonestar are coming. Now I’m really glad we got the weapons. This British guy came prepared with weapon; the Cannon is going to come in handing. Who are these guys coming out of the forest, at least they are not ghouls. These guys or DocWagon? DocWagon equals death, these guys don’t know them but looks better that DocWagon. We all agree the rest of the survivors are safe here for the moment with DocWagon helicopters in sight. We head off and travel fast in the last of the sunlight. We get to a facility in the ground, they are researching the Ghouls, even have ghouls as worker/servants. Well at least we get back to LA. Were we are to meet us a guy for a possible job, we’ll see.



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