Circle of Shadows - 2072

Initial Legwork Report

DocWagon Central Approximately 40 Staff on site at all times. 3 to 5 HRT teams on-call or working Seattle-Tacoma Metroplex from this location. 2 Helo’s in service from rooftop helopad. 1.5 Meter thick ferrocrete walls surrounding complex. 360 Degree view cameras throughout the wall and parking/docking bay. Sentry Guns and Drone Support evident

Rumors: DocWagon maintains a Tier 1 and Tier 2 Matrix node. Tier 1 handles the light weight stuff. Scheduling, purchasing, and stuff like that.

Tier 2 is the security system, medical records, special projects…that sorta stuff and get this…they use Farraday cages and special landscaping, tier 2 can only be accessed from within the facility.

Chummers DocWagon is the real deal. Wear a vest.



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