Circle of Shadows - 2072

Wires Log 17
Scarier than the ancient days of dial-up

I am so bored.

I, obviously, completed my preparation work for the mission and now I have nothing to do but dawdle about Seattle until it is time to go. While we wait for word from the Johnson, we decide to retrieve our stuff from the storage container.

After what seems like an hour arguing about what modes of transportation to take, we make it there.

Then, after another hour of arguing about the best way to approach and open the storage container, we retriever our things.

I swear, this team is either getting too paranoid or too dysfunctional to be effective.

FINALLY, we get the call that the trucks are ready to be picked up. Great…let us get them. Because I am honestly so BORED with everything right now, I volunteer to accompany the retrieval team. Spider, Durgan, and Mind’s Eye stay behind to keep working on the vehicles we already had while the rest of us went.

For some reason, the trucks are deposited in some distant spot deep inside the Barrens. Fantastic. We head out, arrive, and get ready to take the trucks when…

Oh, look…another ambush. I am seriously getting sick of people trying to kill us no matter what we do. Go on a mission…people try to kill us. Pick up some trucks…people try to kill us. Go to the frelling bathroom…people try to kill us.

I suppose this is what the shadowrunning life is all about.

Well, after some impressive driving on my part to distract our assailants, it seems Bones, Kalandra, and Lei Sheng have things under control. Now, I just have to back this thing into a safe position and…


Durgan's Log 12

Spider and I have a lot of work to do in these next few weeks. Luckily we’ve got all the tools we could need, between his Desktop Forge and my workshop’s worth of tools and such. Lots to upgrade and install: road strip ejectors, turret upgrades, some wonderful smuggling compartments, extra sensors, some additional fuel tanks, and of course guns, lots of guns. Then the easy part begins; driving across various borders, potentially having to escape any number of people chasing us, oh and driving 4 cars and at least 2 drones simultaneously. Should be fun, but more later; no time to think about the Johnson or the fact that the last team was “retired” now. Gotta get everything done and done right.

Kalandra’s Thoughts 16

We take the job to transport two cargo trucks of materials that can’t leave the ground. We also are the second team to have this job, the last one was “retired”, in nice words they were killed. We have two weeks to prepare. Not much for me to do during this time help out where I can and make sure we are prepared on weapons ammo. Not to mention guard the place where we are staying, need eyes out 24/7 with everything that has happened lately don’t know if we are going to be attacked or not. Mind’s Eye seems interesting don’t know if he really should want to be in this much trouble and betrayal that we have gone thru. I still want to know who the hell sent lone star after us. Someone is setting us up and I want to know who.

Spider log 15
A JOB is A Job Right?

Welcome to the Big Time!!! The Johnson, Mr. Gruber is clearly connected to some corp, the job transporting two cargo containers overland through 3 sovereign states. We are 2nd team to have the job, the first was “retired”. The money may be good depending on when we arrive and how low our body count is. If we screw the pooch we may end up owing money! We have two wks to prepare Wires has the lion share of the prep work, Durgan and I have a lot of vehicle mods. I think we will do another paint peel, rf tag switch etc, add some defensive and offensive weaponry and some smuggling compartments to get our most illegal gear through the check points. I’ve finally completed my runner pack prototype, just need to run it through the desktop forge in my spare time… We are back in our home town but everything is still in shambles! We need to set up a facility and base of operations, and after that we all have jobs to do. Kalandra and Bones need to take care of physical security. ( I’m sure there are Lonestar agents on the lookout for us.), Lei and Minds Eye (what is his real name anyway?) magic security (hopefully We can head off another jellyfish monster attack) and of course blondie on procurement. So far we selected missle launcher and mortar to add to our offensive araments The client is paying for ammo so I’ll make a list… defensive tire strip shock strips maybe vehicle tag erase system. It looks like Durgan and I are gonna be sweating 2 weeks. Then the run… If we plan this right we should pull it off.

Wires Log 16
A digital shell game

So, we get our mission to transport these goods within four days time literally across the country. We have to cross through three sovereign nations, not to mention their checkpoints, to accomplish this task.

My task(s) toward this goal are many and time-consuming, to say the least. I have to plan our routes, alternate routes, alternate routes for the alternate routes, study up on the sovereign nations and their checkpoints and procedures, forge us the appropriate documentation, map out the “danger zones” along the way, prep backup documentation and identities, and get my Courier sprite (Skippy, as I have named him) ready to initiate the digital shell game if things get too hot.

And all that is BEFORE we start the mission.

On the actual mission, I will need to be monitoring the vehicles for tracking and hacking, spoof the checkpoint sensors…

There is just so much. Not to mention what may be waiting for me out there in the Matrix.

Let the game begin…

Of Shedim

Lei sheng settled deeply into his meditation on the paths both before him and behind him. On too many occassions, malevolent spirits have attacked him and his comrades. While the original incident that sparked these confrontations may have been an unhappy accident, now death was the result. Lei sheng contemplated his tactics…while survival of any engagement was…acceptable, the long view looked dim.

No longer would the Shedim face Lei sheng’s subtle magic. On their next confrontation, it would be the Master suffering and ultimate paying for its unholy transgressions with its life. Whether by his hands or the fists of Bones, it would die.

Lei sheng also contemplated the change in mission for the team. Their operations “against” the Olaya Cartel had only strengthened them. While this was intended, the goal was eventual dismantling of the Cartel’s efforts to distribute tempo. To call the current situation undesirable was an understatement. The loss of Kenji was personally devastating to Lei sheng, and that his slayer still walked free was an affront to the Will of Heaven.

His mediations turned to his first lesson in kung-fu at the shaolin temple his Triad sent him to for instruction. “Earth, Water, Air, Fire. Of these, you must be like Water. Water quenches fire, weathers the hardest stone, is disturbed by air only on the surface. In combat, strike like a waterfall. When struck, absorb like water. The mightiest sword is useless against the ocean. When blocked, flow past. Be still when necessary, be turbulent when needed.”

Lei sheng burned to unleash Fire against the Shedim…a reckless charge into glorious combat. He wished to bury the Shedim…to crush them with fist, foot, and magic. He ached to howl his frustrations and rage.

But he would wait like calm water…

GM's Chapter Prelude


“Be advised subjects of interest survived hostile entity attack en route to Los Angeles. Diverted to Agent for initial contact. Subjects have accepted escort and transport mission. The clock is running. Please inform the principle with all due respect that the operation is underway per design. We will analyze all relevant data and continue evaluation of subjects. It is highly likely that further enemy engagement will occur. Astral screening reveals no visible tagging, however enemies seem to be tracking – exposure to an Astral negation event may rectify this situation – will report this upward.”…

500 miles south west of Seattle – Tacoma International Shipyards

…"SEATAC Command this is TZR-Montakura Freighter be advised we are entering your satcom and grid routing control in approximately 12 hours. Our itinerary shows us with an arrival time of 13 days to your facility. Please see – classified Itinerary Preparation for hazardous cargo delivery. Code Access – 09768.

Lonestar Regional Headquarters, Seattle-Tacoma

…"SRT reports negative contact at wreckage site. Forces on the ground have indicated this is a class IV California Federal Facility, and is crawling with a voracious ghoul presence. Rescued parties do indicate that terrorists survived the initial crash and headed off into the local jungle on their own…

Command Priority: Return to base set indigenous ground operatives within 100 miles at all ports, airports, and public transit hubs. Report but do not engage if contact with prime targets has been established.

Maintain Priority Two Coverage, from the Director…"

Mind's Eye Intro

When the Society lent me out to the Catalina Island Project, I didn’t complain. If that’s where they want me to serve, so be it. Granted, I think it is a waste of my time and talent, but that’s the Pride talking. I vowed to be a servant and so I shall be.

But, of course, the Society is one step ahead of me. One of the last data drops I recieved concerned a team of unconnected operatives that were high on the lookout list. And gues who crashes on Ghoul Island? God works in mysterious ways. Well the Father in charge of the facility assigns me to this team and I go. It’s what I do. Even though they appear to be hip deep in some scary drek.

They have offered me even shake in a ‘trial run’ to see how I perform. For God and the Society, I’ll do my utmost.

Spider log 14
Nightmare flight

Kengi is dead but that doesn’t stop his corpse from climbing back into the plane, I try to knock him back out of the plane with the drink cart… no luck. sub-orbital is in a flat spin. Jelly fish monsters, a depressurizing plane that is crashing. I’m usually one to take action but not a single thing occurs to me. I’m only armed with a steak knife, trapped in my seat by turbulence and air mask. So I sit there like a lump feeling helpless (this must be the way ordinary wage slaves feel when they get caught in a firefight) Blondie get out of her seat and ends up stuck to the ceiling Durgan tells the Kalandra to pull a lever to seal the pressure leak. Kengi’s body slumps over ( I later learned Lei Sheng had a busy time blasting shedem in the astral) Wires got durgan jacked into the Plane to help land the plane. Only wires would decide to snoop in the pilots E-mail while CRASHING!! But it’s a good thing he did or we would have had no idea we were made and lonestar knew we were on the plane. The wing comes off over the ocean and we somehow miss the water and hit the only piece of ground in the area. We survive all of the except Kenji (and maybe Bones although we didn’t find a body) I do the triage thing, the team scavenges our gear and some other goodies. Wire is full of good news Doc wagon and lonestar are coming to the island and oh yeah the the island is full of Ghouls!!! We decide to dodge the “rescue” helecopters and instead Flee through the ghoul infested jungle with a team of Cathlic GI Joes. They take us to their compound, the priest in charge knows way too much about us. He has a message from that german guy that atempted to make contact earlier. The priest says Gruber wants us for a job and assigns “Minds Eye” to assist getting us to the meet. Turns out Mr Gruber is part of the group/cabal that hired us to take down flipside. (Small world isn’t it) I’m all for the job since it requires us to be transported to Seatle where we left a lot of our stuff, lonesars presence is small. Bones is still missing and Kengi’s dead I’ve considered redacting but have decided to bear the pain of losing my team members it’s the only honor I can give my fallen comrads. “Minds Eye” offers to join for the assighnment and we are realy low on magic talent… I think the team will accept him at least for next op.

Kalandra’s Thoughts 15

There’s a hole in the plane and some creature is after Kenji. The way to close the hole is across the plane, have to get to it. Man why can’t these things be instant. Kenji is gone.  The plane crash lands and I wake up with a tree on me. I see that there are survivors and Spider and Wires, I’m getting our gear I’m not going to be weaponless no longer. I find Blondie doing the same thing. WTF we are on ghoul infested island, and DocWagon and Lonestar are coming. Now I’m really glad we got the weapons. This British guy came prepared with weapon; the Cannon is going to come in handing. Who are these guys coming out of the forest, at least they are not ghouls. These guys or DocWagon? DocWagon equals death, these guys don’t know them but looks better that DocWagon. We all agree the rest of the survivors are safe here for the moment with DocWagon helicopters in sight. We head off and travel fast in the last of the sunlight. We get to a facility in the ground, they are researching the Ghouls, even have ghouls as worker/servants. Well at least we get back to LA. Were we are to meet us a guy for a possible job, we’ll see.


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