Its 2072…

The world is a dangerous place…

The Shadows have deepened in the last decade, dark forces are moving against our world. Shadow runners are a breed apart, criminals, illegals, troubleshooters who have given up the cozy rights and posh privileges of the normal people, the wage slaves, the rest of humanity.

Most runners are out for the quick nuyen. Money is power – you know. But there are those who want more than just the money those who are driven by something else. Something more powerful…honor, rage, desperation – the runners who can rise above all others!

This story contains some of those runners.

The dark powers are gathering – fate is on the move.

We have come full circle and humanity and the world as we know it is on the brink…

All that is left is the CIRCLE OF SHADOWS

To find your way in this story check out the Wiki and the Adventure Log.

Circle of Shadows - 2072

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